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Fiction Genres

No description

Lauren Driskell

on 8 September 2016

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Transcript of Fiction Genres

Genres 2013
Science Fiction
talking animals
It could happen in real life
Realistic Fiction
Real historical time period
Historical Fiction
Made up characters
not normal day-to-day activities
alien life forms
space exploration
time travel
life in the future
science or technology
solved in the end
Twists and turns
threats to the survival
of the characters
physical danger
is written using figurative language

Graphic Novel
Novel in comic strip format
Biography, Autobiography, Memoir
Biography - True story (nonfiction) of someone's life written by another person.
Research, journals, diaries, and photographs
can be proven
often a person against nature
plot twists to throw off reader from the real solution
Autobiography- True story of a person's life written by that person.
Memoir- True stories of a person's life written by that person. It doesn't follow a person's whole life.
Specific memories or experiences
has rhythm and follows a pattern
sometimes rhymes
Deals with real-life problems
Set in modern time
inform about a certain subject
persuade you to think a certain way
Often an important time or event in history
story is told through pictures, captions and speech bubbles
Humorous Fiction
realistic but comedic
Parody of everyday life
Paul Bunyan
Fairy Tales
Folk Tales
stories passed down from generation to generation
stories change a little bit with each telling
some "make-believe" elements, like talking animals but explain things about life, nature, or the human condition.
good is rewarded evil is punished, magic, and "happily ever after"
short stories with a lesson ending
based on real people but exaggerated
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