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Ben Goodman

on 18 April 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Central Otago Gold Rush How they lived What the miners sleeps on Lots of Gold All YOUR GOLD
INFORMATION Gold Information James Arthur finds 6 kg YOU WILL NEED How to pan What they cook on Otago earns 10 million from gold exports In 1863 that where tacking 17.400
tone in a year 1886 First industrial hydroflouric plant was installed Panning for gold
with water A gold nugget
A Good One 1.Get some dirt and rock in your pan. 2. And then go to a water source. 3. Put some water in your pan and mix at all
around antill the water is muddy and than tip in out. 4.Pull your pan back and it will make a wave
that pushes the rock out and the GOLD will
sit at the bottom of the pan, In the old stone houses all the men
sleeped on was rooks and dirt.And after
a hard day of work and having to come
home and sleep on that. What a life Back in the mining days all the miners cooked on was a fire. Now days we are cooking on ovens
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