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Project Ara

No description

Levi Robson

on 10 April 2014

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Transcript of Project Ara

Project Ara
What Is a Modular Phone?
A modular phone is a phone with replaceable parts. This allows users to switch out broken parts for new ones and make specific upgrades to certain parts of the phone that need it instead of throwing out the entire device to purchase a new one. This helps decrease the amount electronic waste in landfills.
How Did This All Start?
Are There Other Modular Phones?
Yes, There are other modular phones. Although not very well known, there are a few companies who are not related to phonebloks but still make modular phones. A couple companies are Xaiomi and ZTE. To the left is a concept picture of the Xaiomi Magic Cube.
Phonebloks and Project Ara
As you know, Phonebloks created a concept that individual phone related parts and accessories could be atatched to a base and a screen to create a fully customizable smartphone. Phonebloks created the original idea for a modular phone.
Project Ara
Not too long ago, Google bought Motorola who, was working on Project Ara with Phonebloks. Google then sold Motorola while keeping their ties with Phonebloks and Project Ara.
The Future of Project Ara and Phonebloks
Google is currently working on Project Ara with Phonebloks, 3D Systems, Soso Ltd. and lots of other companies. Project Ara is predicted to be out next year for around $50. Project Ara is definitely the most anticipated modular phone.
Project Ara Update
Will BIG Phone companies get into modular phones?
Popular Demand
Big phone companies probably won't get into modular phones. Probably the main reason is profit. When a part of your phone breaks or when you want the latest something, people just throw out their phones and buy new ones. Companies would benefit less if you could snap on upgrades for your phone.
If modular phones take off and dominate the market, big companies might be forced to produce modular phones. It won't matter how big your company is (okay, it might matter a little) if no one wants to buy your products.
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