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Cell Analogy: Animal Cell to a Bakery

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Vindhya Mullapudi

on 29 September 2014

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Transcript of Cell Analogy: Animal Cell to a Bakery

Cell Analogy: Animal Cell to a Bakery
Animal Cell to Bakery by Traci Shiu and Vindhya Mullapudi
Cell Membrane
The cell membrane's primary function is to protect the inside of the cell just as the role of the bakery doors is used to protect the inside of the bakery.
The floors aand funiture are similair to the cytoplasm in a cell because it the cytoplasm contains all the crucial parts of the cytoplasm
Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum
The Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum is similar to a bakery kitchen because just like the Rough ER creates proteins, the kitchen is where the food is made.
Smooth Endoplasmic Reticulum
The smooth endomplasmic reticulum is like th oven because it actually bakes the food to rid of raw ingredients, just like the smooth ER detoxifies harmful materials.
The orders are similair to the ribosomes becuase the order is the base of what to work off of, just as the ribosomes are used to construct the different proteins.
Order Form
The generator is the power source of the bakery, which runs the appliances, just like the mitochondrion is the powershouse of the cell and releases energy.
Power Generator
The storage room is like the vacuole because it is where the extra ingredients are stored for later use, just as the vacuole temorarily stores food molecules.
Store Room
The store manager is like the nucleus because he/she gives all of the instructions and is in charge of what goes on in the bakery. The nucleus is the control center of the cell.
Owner/ Manager
Nuclear Membrane/Envelope
The nuclear membrane is like the manager's office walls because only certain people are allowed in the office doors, just like only certain molecules and materials are allowed through the nuclear membrane.
Manager/Owners Office
The recipe book is like the nucleolus because the recipe book contains all of the baking instruction for the baker, like how the nucleolus has DNA with coding for the RNA.
Recipe Book
Golgi Apparatus
The expediter is like the Golgi because he/she put the final decoration on the food before it is sent out. The Golgi modifies and packages protiens from the ER.
An expediter
The DNA is like the recipies because the recipies give specific instructions on how to create an item, just like how the DNA has the genetic code to be given to the RNA. for the creation of protein.
The is like the lysosome because the dumpster is where all of the trash goes.
The cytoskeleton is like the walls of the building. The walls support the bakery, just like thr cytoskeleton supports the shape of the cell.
Bakery Building
The centrioles is like the headquarters, because it divides the cell separates, like how the headquarters creates new chains from the original ones.
Bakery Headquarters
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