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Copy of Smiley Face Tricks

No description

mr. steve dershimer

on 22 August 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Smiley Face Tricks

Smiley Face Tricks
Hyphenated Modifiers
A technique writers use to creatively describe or rename someone or something rather than using plain one word adjectives. A boring, one-word adjective is replaced by a phrase or clause that might come to mind when the person is in that particular situation.
Smiley Face Tricks
Tricks of the writing trade to help you meet and exceed writing expectations.

Ideas developed by Mary Ellen Ledbetter
Prezi by Mr. Dershimer
Why use Smiley Face Tricks???
These writing techniques are common tools that ALL authors use.
They are proven to add personality, voice, style, and reader interest.
While repetition without careful consideration can be tedious and ineffective, a carefully selected word or phrase repeated can add incredible emphasis.
Repetition for Effect
I hate writer's block.
I hate writer's block!
I can't
think of anything to write.
I can't
come up with words for this crazy assignment.
I can't
create anything new.
I can't
, and I won't!
I love my cell phone.
I love my cell phone.
Your examples
Envy is an ugly person. Envy
rears his head when I least expect it. Envy starts whisper-ing in my ear, "That dude is so much cooler than you, look at those Air Jordans." Envy has a way of making me feel emptier than I was to begin with.
Your examples?
Envy sort of takes me over when I see things I want but can't have.
Use hyphenated adjectives or adverbs to surprise your readers.
Turn boring adjectives into unique ones.
Hyphenated Modifiers

Some of his students were bored.
Some of his students sat in their why-do-I-have-to-be-here postures while others exuded eagerness.
Stephen King example
King tells the story of having an ear infection. He describes how the doctor drained the ear with a big needle. Later he wants to refer to that experience.
He calls it…

“The old, needle-in-the-ear trick”
Before: She wanted to look like a French woman.

After: She wanted to look like chic in a Parisian-woman-wearing-a-simple-black dress-while riding a bicycle-and-carrying-a-baguette-under-her-arms sort-of-way.
One more before you
try it yourself:
Before: I watched the hard-hitting linebacker smash the running back.

After: I watched the strong, always-knocks-the-wind-out-of-you linebacker smash the running back.
I will be a college freshman in two years.
Your examples??
Helps your readers visualize the person, place, thing, or idea you are writing about.
Appeal to at least 3 of the 5 senses.
Specific Details/
My grandma's house is nice.
I am sitting out on an old Dixieland porch in Mississippi, my grandma’s house. The American flag waves proudly from its pole. Making itself a web in the corner of the wrought-iron railing is a small black spider. The twin rocking chairs glide back and forth, speaking to each other in the tongue of “rickety rack”. Hanging from a weeping willow, an emerald birdhouse sways in the wind, as the robins sing their never-ending song. Down here in Mississippi we share Southern hospitality.
Now it's your turn:

Imagine your grandmother's house or another place or room that you are familiar with. Write with specific detail and imagery.
Let's try one more...

What do you see? Be detailed, use imagery and at least 3/5 senses.
Magic 3
Three items in a series.
Separated by commas.
Creates a poetic rhythm.
Adds support for a point.
Magic 3
A technique writers use to list items-the items must follow the same pattern.  Technically referred to as Parallel Structure
Cooking requires chopping, seasoning, and sauteing.
Chopping vegetables into bite-sized pieces, adding herbs and spices to "kick it up a notch," and sauteing until the tidbits are juicy, make cooking an enjoyable pastime for me.
Your Turn
Think about an activity you love. Break it into three parts. For example, I would write, "When I get home from work I give my wife a hearty hug, play hide-and-seek with my daughter, and run three miles before dinner. "
Before: Before: Monsoon storms hit central Arizona yesterday.

After: Storms socked the state's middle on Saturday.
A comparison between two unlike things using "like" or "as"

Before: It's a simple plan.
After: The plan is simple, like my brother-in-law Phil, but unlike Phil, this plan just might work.
Simile in Songs
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