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Bollywood Dance

The History of Bollywood Dance

Denisa Pop

on 18 December 2012

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Transcript of Bollywood Dance

By: Denisa Pop Bollywood Dance the term Bollywood was created by combining two names, Bombay (a city now called Mumbai) and Hollywood
Bollywood is located in Mumbai, India
it is India's and the world's largest film industry based on the number of films produced and the number of tickets sold each year Bollywood dance is a difficult topic to discuss because it is hard to pin down. Its exact definition, geographical distribution, and stylistic characteristics are undetermined. However, it is surprisingly recognizable. What is Bollywood Dance? The Term "Bollywood" Origins of Dance Style over the past few decades, Bollywood films have become more popular because of a new genre of dance, and have developed into a globally recognized and appreciated phenomenon
Bollywood dance is the dance-form used in many Indian films
the international appeal of Bollywood has been in the making for many decades it was originally found in places that had a lot of Indian films, but today it is rising in popularity in the US, Canada and Europe
this is due to the expanding Indian population, but it also comes from non-Indians who are interested in the exotic, larger than life qualities fixed in it
marvelous sets, production value, and extraordinary costumes have made stars like Madonna, Shakira, and Britney Spears include the Bollywood style of dance or music into their songs, videos and stage shows Timeline How Bollywood Dance Changed Over Time currently, Bollywood dance is influenced by Western culture, perhaps even more so than when it began
directors, producers, and choreographers are including elements from music videos that one might view on MTV in both the United States and in India, such as hip-hop styles
these modern elements include the constant costume and location changes during musical numbers, as well as the use of larger, more extroverted movements to capture an audience’s attention the formation of unrealistic music and dance sequence was wanted in films in the 1930s and 1940s
musical numbers in Bollywood films include either the hero or heroine of the story, plus a large group of unnamed characters who were hired as dance extras
the dance sections are part of large production numbers that are separate from the plot line of the movie or have little to do with the story
the songs being sung are most often Hindu, but some are influenced by Western culture dressed in colourful and flashy costumes, dancers perform on sets either in breathtaking regions or in designed indoor settings
these elements add up to present a scene that is decorated with complex details, brightly lit and embellished, and that feels separate from the “real world"
there are usually different musical numbers throughout a Bollywood film, but most Bollywood films are characterized by one major show-stopping performance tied to politics, the Bollywood dance number was first popular beyond India’s shores in countries such as the former Soviet Union and the Middle East
later, as the Indian diaspora spread and economics and politics widened the outlook of entertainment, Bollywood song and dance began to draw audiences in the US and the UK and, later, other countries as well
Indian culture embraces theater, music and dance as a single forceful element rather than as commonly exclusive material
before the 1960s, song and dance in Bollywood films focused on classical and folk dance since neither of these two genres was a homogenous entity, there were countless variations, setting the tone for the energy and colour of those signature Bollywood dance moves
rather than taking their cues from Hollywood and Broadway, directors, producers, and choreographers are including elements from music videos that one might view on MTV in both the United States and in India, such as hip-hop styles
because of the rapid expansion in communication technology and global interactions over the last few decades, the film industry grew, and movies from other countries became available and accessible to the crowd, especally in terms of speed Cultural Influences Music Traditional Dance Elements Bollywood film music is called filmi music, from the Hindi meaning "of films"
songs from Bollywood movies are usually pre-recorded by professional playback singers, then the actors lip synch the words to the song on-screen, often while dancing
while most actors are excellent dancers, few are also singers
songs illustrate the action taking place in the movie
sometimes a song is worked into the plot, so that a character has a reason to sing
other times, a song is a representation of a character's thoughts, or a sign that an event will occur in the plot of the movie the event is often two characters falling in love
songs are referred to as a "dream sequence", and anything can happen that would not normally happen in the real world
for the last few decades, Bollywood producers have been releasing the film's soundtrack before the main movie release, hoping that the music will attract audiences into the cinema later
the soundtrack is often more popular than the movie
in the last few years, producers have also been releasing music videos, usually featuring a song from the film
some promotional videos feature a song which is not included in the movie Description of Dance Style and Technique traditional Indian festivals are mostly about music, poetry, dancing, singing and chanting
dance and music were an important part of Indian tradition, so it makes sense that these traditions continue in a modern setting
like any creative industry, Indian cinema uses traditional cultural elements that make it look and feel the way it does
before 1960, films tended to use classical and folk dance
although these influences continue today, they seem to have become mixed with many more dance styles and have become unrecognizable as to their origins Dhinka Chika Put your hands in your pockets and move them side to side as if you are hitting a ping pong ball. Also, move your butt here and there. Hud Hud Dabangg You need to wear a belt for this one. Hold the belt with both hands and move it in an up-down motion alternatively on both sides. Mera hi Jalwa Hold the collar of your shirt with your left hand and the bottom of your shirt with your right hand. Pull your left hand, raising the shirt, and then pull it down with your right hand. Repeat the movement. Jeene Ke Hain Chaar Din You need a towel for this one. Slip the towel between your legs as if you are riding it. Start jumping forward moving the towel to and fro every time you jump. O O Jaane Jana It might look hard, but all you need to perfect this move is leap forward swinging with your hands in criss cross motion and go back jumping on one leg while you swing the other to and fro. Hip-Moves Shift your weight from one leg to the other, move your hips outward, and dance across the floor with your friends. Hand-Moves Bollywood hand gestures are a combination of the ancient Hindu traditions and the popular Indian film industry. There are two types of hand gestures: single and double. They come from classical dance. Each has its own name and meaning. The use of hand gestures tell a story or carry a conversation between dancers. Hand-Rolls Move backwards while rolling the hand. Chest-Moves Move your chest in and out in sync with the alternate up and down hand move. Leg-Moves The movement of one foot behind followed by the other one ahead simultaneously is called the ball step change. You can even jump slightly to make it more fun. The movement is carried out by crossing your right leg in front of your left and then bringing your left to join your right. Now cross your right leg behind your left and again bring your left leg to join your right. Knock knees is the dance move used that simply involves moving your knees in and out, simultaneously. Relationship to Jazz and Other Dance Styles Bollywood uses Indian dance: classical Indian dance and folk dances, and combines them with elements of belly-dancing, Kathak, Western popular, "modern", jazz, and Western erotic dancing
directors, producers, and choreographers include elements from music videos that you can see on MTV in both the United States and in India
what makes Bollywood dance different from other dances is the many hand guessers used
Bollywood dance is highly influenced by western culture, even more so than when it began How to Dance Bollywood Step 1 Project emotion through facial expressions, hand gestures and footwork. Bollywood dance is expressive. Listen to and feel the music. Whatever is happening in the music should be show through facial expressions and body movements. Step 2 Shake those hips. Unlike classical Indian dance, Bollywood uses a lot of hip movement. This technique is difficult to learn without studying the professionals, but can be perfected with patience and practice. Follow the movements of professional Bollywood dancers while in front of a full-length mirror. Notice that they occasionally shift their weight to one side of their body when making those signature hip movements. Step 3 Dominate the music. Timing and rhythm are very important. In Bollywood dance, it should look like the music is trying to keep up with the dancer, not the other way around. This requires a lot of energy, as Bollywood music is often fast-paced to begin with. Step 4 Move with grace and elegance. This may seem counter to the other steps, but it is a central aspect of Bollywood dance. Notice how Bollywood dancers show grace from their fingertips to their toes. Remember that a perfectly danced routine can be ruined by something as simple as sloppy fingers. Despite its upbeat nature, Bollywood is still an elegant dance form. Step 5 Exude confidence. Bollywood dance is all about the expression of joy. It is a type of dance that almost everyone can pick up, skill level doesn’t matter. Having confidence in the steps and in your ability is half the battle of learning how to dance Bollywood style. Major Contributors choreography is not a field that gives a lot of fame
it is a demanding job, and one that is largely out of the public eye
one must never forget that the actors and actresses do not just get in front of the camera and dance spontaneously
someone has to create the number Choreographers the Indian film industry has had many great talents in the past
some notables were B. Sohanlal (Jewel Thief), Chiman Seth (Mother India), and many others
today there are more choreographers who continue this tradition
some are Saroj Khan (Soldier), Farah Khan (Monsoon Wedding), and many others Dancers there are many great Bollywood dancers
some are Meenakshi Sheshadri, Vaijayanti Mala, and many others Notable Dances Kathak Dance one of the eight forms of classical Indian dance styles used in Bollywood dance is Kathak
originated from Uttar Pradesh, India
the story of Kathak begins in ancient times with the performances of professional story-tellers who delivered or sang stories from epics and mythology with some elements of dance
the structure of a customary Kathak performance follows a development in tempo from slow to fast, ending with a dramatic climax
there are also combinations made of only footwork. Bharatanatyam Dance another classical Indian dance style used in Bollywood dance is Bharatanatyam
originates in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu
is considered to be a fire-dance — the mystic appearance of the eternal element of fire in the human body
it is the demonstration of the ancient idea of the celebration of the eternal universe through the celebration of the beauty of the material body Costume clothing and costume are an extremely important element of Bollywood dance
it determines the "feel" that the dance will have in the film
with the right costume, one can do many things
if the film is a period piece, the right costume goes a long way toward giving the feel of that period
if someone is trying to make the dance scene dream-like or surrealistic, then one goes for costumes that does not relate to the clothing in real life
costumes can also be used to reflect the latest fashions Work Cited Page movements included into early Bollywood films were based on Indian dance: classical Indian dance and folk dances from the time, including the Kathak and Bharatanatyam styles
these dances come from South Asian tradition and are based on Indian culture
Western elements of Bollywood dance are included in early Bollywood films mostly in terms of context the set-up of having separate dance sequences that feature elaborate costumes, sets, choreography, and music spread throughout a movie is connected to the musicals produced by Hollywood and on Broadway during the early to mid-twentieth century
currently, Bollywood dance is influenced by Western culture, perhaps even more so than when it began
these modern elements include the constant costume and location changes during musical numbers, as well as the use of larger, more extravagant movements to capture an audience’s attention Signature Dance Movements Alignment http://www.rhythm-india.com/bollywood-dance.html
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