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Team 1453 Mirabelli Presentation Dec 9th

No description

Brooke Glasford

on 14 April 2015

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Transcript of Team 1453 Mirabelli Presentation Dec 9th

Situation Analysis
Competitive Analysis + SWOT
Aging loyal customer
Lack of e-commerce
Weak online presence & brand awareness
Key Marketing Issues

1.Rejuvenation of the power suit
2. Keep the clean lines of current aesthetic,adding a more youthful silhouette
Capture new TM by informing them on benefits of investment shopping, how M clothing helps you look and feel empowered, and how versatile the peices are.
4. Go forward with a social commerce launch, and social media strategy.

Brand Recommendations

Market Trends
1.Empowerment of women
2.Buying experiences
3.Canadian made

Industry & Market Trends, Market Size

The empowerment of women- the rejuvenation of power dressing
The need for an experience, not just a product.
The growing popularity of Canadian pride, and keeping production local.
Marrying these 3 and selling investment peices, that you dont have to throw away every two months, highlighting how versatile they are

Brand Strategy: Concept

Women ages 25-34 = 24.76% or roughly 813,415 women

Key Marketing Opportunities
Empowering young women in the workforce
Canadian’s wanting to buy local
Huge growth of the online marketplace

Welcome to FIELD 2014
Brooke Glasford | Kristen Hammill | Nadia Spinosa Kelly Ann Warner
Presented by:
Product Strategy
Distribution Strategy
Attract 29-39 segment with a 10 piece capsule collection that will empower women while maintaining Mirabelli's high-quality image.
Communication Strategy

Highlight the added value to help the new TM understand the value they're getting with these investment pieces, and the versatility of a piece.
2. To use marketing and social media outlets to increase brand awareness by 6% per month.

1. Use the launch to hold a networking event for women
2. Utilize the concept of brand ambassadors to reach the TM
3. Re-inforce the versatility of these investment buys with graphics online and instore.
1.To launch a new interactive social commerce site by February 2015
2. To further expand business-to-business relationships by 7% in the next year
3. Reach a younger demographic through the launch of social media pop-up stores
1. Target a younger more fashion forward

2. Create e-commerce site

3. Combine e-commerce + social media + blog to create
social commerce
Pricing Strategy
Provide value added features for the new demographic.
Categories prices' range from $95-$345.
We will be providing customers incentives, as well as in-store and online promotions.
We intend on maintaining a similar price structure-- from our research these women are willing to pay this.
Digital Marketing
Digital Situation
Executive Summary
Industry Trends
1. The Return of the suit
2. Movement away from mass customization
3. Growth in social commerce
Digital and E-Commerce Strategy
Social Media Strategy
Table of Contents
Executive Summary.....1
Situational Analysis.....2
Industry, Market Trends & Market Size.....3
Competitive Analysis & SWOT.....4
Key Marketing Issues & Key Marketing Opportunities.....5
Brand Strategy.....6
Brand Recommendations.....7
Product Strategy.....8
Pricing Strategy.....9
Communications Strategy.....10
Distribution Strategy.....11
Digital Marketing.....12
Digital Situation.....13
Digital & E-Commerce Strategy.....14
Social Media Strategy & Zones.....15
Activation Plan.....16
Measure & Manage.....17
Experience Strategy
What is our brand message?
How do we ensure engagement?
How can we best align zones with e-commerce & other promotional tools?
'M' by Franco Mirabelli
Franco Mirabelli
Concept Overview
#1453 #FIELD2014
Measure & Manage
Customer Conversion
Activation Plan
Market Size
Hire a Digital Marketing Manager
Redesign & re-launch a new Mirabelli e-commerce
Streamline the Mirabelli voice across all platforms
Better utilize the Mirabelli blog
Where we are:
Where we need to be:
We plan on increasing following by 15% per month within the first 8 months.
Followed by a 7% increase per month after that.
Taking into consideration your current target market, and the evolution of your new target market--moving from fast fashion, to moderately priced middle, to higher end pieces, we've come up with these 3 competitors to focus on.
Communications Expenses
Integrate Zone 1: Social Community
Targeting women 29-39 on Twitter & Instagram
Targeting women 40-55 on Facebook & Pinterest

Integrate Zone 2: Social Publishing
Focuses on content creation, images, videos, and infographics

Integrate Zone 3: Social Commerce
This is the key link between our social media strategy and the new e-commerce site
Reflect the societal movement resurfacing feminism and the empowerment of women
Capture new TM by informing them on benefits of investment shopping, how M clothing helps you look and feel empowered, and how versatile the peices are.
Introduce social commerce to the Mirabelli website to drive sales
Spring 2015
E-commerce $13,395.00
Communications $57,164.00
Total $70,559.00

Average following 150-200
Ratio 1:4
Linkedin is a hugely under utilized resource for B2B growth. With 500+ connections already established there is great opportunity to make online connections with untapped wholesalers.

Primary research, TM Survey via SurveyMonkey
According to

Linkedin ranks highest for use by B2B sales pros.
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