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chapter 4 TEWWG

No description

Jessica Katzmarzyk

on 24 February 2015

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Transcript of chapter 4 TEWWG

chapter 4 TEWWG
1. What is Killick’s nickname for Janie? What does this suggest about his attitude towards her? What does Janie call her husband? What does this suggest about her feelings towards him?
“The morning air was like a new dress. That made her feel the apron tied around her waist. She untied it and flung it on a low branch beside the road and walked on, picking flowers and making a bouquet.”
Explain why her actions are symbolic as well as literal.
~This passage is when she was leaving Logan for Joe
~she feels refreshed and excited for something new
~she takes off her apron because she now feels free
Consider Janie’s comment to her husband, “’Scuse my freezolity, Mist’ Killicks, but Ah don’t mean to chop de first chip.” What do you think the word “freezolity” means?

Indifferent; lack of interest; coldness towards someone
~Killicks calls Janie LilBit. This suggests that he feels superior to her.
~Janie calls Killick Mist’ Killicks. This suggests that he has more authority then her and their relationship was not equal.
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