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History of computers timeline

from 1939 to 2010


on 1 August 2010

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Transcript of History of computers timeline

The History of Computers
Timeline 1939 Hewlett Packard,
or HP, is founded 1941 The first 'Bombe' is made
It is used to translate Nazi
Military communications during WWII 1940 The Complex Number
Calculator (CNC is
completed 1946
The ENIAC computer
is developed by John
Mauchley and John Presper
Eckert. It is the first
electronically powered computer. The public also gets their first view of the
ENIAC. 1951
England's first commercial computer, The Lyons Electronic Office (LEO), solved Clerical Problems and was very successful 1958
Japan's NEC built the country's first electronic computer, the NEAC 1101 1960
The first minicomputer, DEC's PDP-1 sold for $120,000. 1964
IBM announces the arrival of SYSTEM 360.
The company made a transition from discrete transistors to intergrated circuits. They also changed from using the old punched-card system to electricity to power the system.
HP enters the general
purpose computer buisness with
HP-2115 offering a computation
power only formerly used in larger computers. 1974
The first workstation
with a built in mouse
is created by the
researchers at Xerox
Palo Alto research center. 1977
The new Apple II is released
and is met with instant success.
When hooked up to a television
set the colour graphics from
Apple II are brilliant.
The VAX 11/780 from
digital equipment corp.
features the ability to
address up to 4.3 GB
virtual memory. 1984
Apple computer launched the
Macintosh, the first succes-
ful mouse-driven computer with
graphic-user interface 1993
Laptops now have 256-colour screens and have grown in popularity as they have become slimmer and lighter Below: A picture of the first
laptop, the Gavilian SC, made in
1983 2000
Microsoft Windows
2000 is released by
Microsoft. 2001
Apple releases OS X
code named leopard.
By now, Microsoft and
Apple are fierce rivals 2009
Microsoft releases Windows 7 2010
Apple introduces the
iPad and iPhone 4.
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