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My hobby - Gaming

No description

Vlad Badea

on 5 June 2014

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Transcript of My hobby - Gaming

I, on the other hand gradually started to enjoy optimizing my game-play just as much, if not more than actually conquering the game. My competitive side started showing, and i started putting more thought into the way i do things inside the game, how i could improve and maximize my gain.
Games are an important part of anyone's life at an early age, we use them to learn, to evolve our thought processes and of course to have fun. Most of us reach a point where, we either stop playing, or we stop learning from the experience, treating it as a means of passing time or blowing off some steam.
Why gaming?
This thirst for improvement inevitably led to me researching on the matter, seeing other people's ideas and practices to do better in THAT game. In time, as players discover more and more of a particular game, certain "optimal" tendencies emerge, this is called the METAGAME.
Yes, any game, no matter how simple, old or new, can have a metagame, there will always be a "best way" to win, which actually means the way to give yourself the best CHANCE to win.
Can a metagame be identified in any game genre?
Recently, i found out at one of the courses at school that what i was doing when playing games all this time was called MINMAXING. This is a philosophy meant to help you with decision making, in games or in real life. It aims to maximize your possible gain whit every action you make, while minimizing your opponent's progress (or possible loss sustained by you because of him). This concept has numerous appliances outside the game world, basically any field in which competition exists (very used in business for example)
In conclusion, the prejudice that gamers are maybe childish or lazy can sometimes be no further from the truth. If you truly want to be good at a game, there's a fair bit of work you need to put in for researching and finding the best solution to minmax your gameplay but also your fun :).
My hobby - Gaming
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