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Kyle Winters

on 23 September 2012

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In the 1970's board based
drafting began to be replaced
by computer based drafting. In it's early days, CAD stood for "Computer-Aided Drafting". Now days it stands for "Computer-Aided Design", and can draw in 3-D as well as 2-D. CAD was first introduced in the 1960's although it was mainly just experimental at that point. In the 1970's, CAD finally began to be used industry and became very influential. In 1972 the first solid modeling program called "Syntha Vision" was introduced. And although it was not CAD it did influence it greatly. Syntha Vision renders CAD used the idea solid modeling created,
and created 3D modeling off this idea. CAD today is capable of 2D design,
3D design, Rapid Prototyping, and
data sharing. Rapid Prototyping is when you take a
CAD drawing and use a "3D printer"
to print out a prototype. It makes it easier and faster
to make a prototype of the
CAD drawing or model. CAD also makes it easy
to share drawings. Cad makes it so... Cad... Oh, i didn't really do so well on the thing there, CAD can produce rapid prototyping to help development. Pu... UH... CAD makes it so companies don't have to hire.. NO WAIT! RAPID PROTOTYPING! CAD allows it so companies don't have to hire someone to make a prototype. Instead they use rapid prototyping. With CAD you can create 3-D models instead of 2-D drafts, allowing companies to view their prototypes more efficiently. THE FUTURE!!! Rapid Prototyping will become easier to find and use. It will become less expensive. CAD will most likely be tweaked and upgraded every year.
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