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Facial Shapes and Hairstyles

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Jed Park

on 8 January 2014

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Transcript of Facial Shapes and Hairstyles

Has someone ever given you the compliment that your hairstyle fits the shape of your face perfectly? At the time, were you puzzled by what this meant? It's true - the visual effect of certain hairstyles will change based on the proportions of your face. However, it's difficult to deliberately plan an appropriate hairstyle if you don't already know what shape your face is! Never fear- in this section you will find the appropriate hairstyle for you facial shape.
There’s nothing worse than getting your haircut and realizing it doesn’t suit your face shape. Hair trends change all the time, yet the majority of styles are not ‘one size fits all’ – some WILL look better with different face shapes, therefore it’s extremely important to take this into account when choosing your next haircut.
Female Facial Shapes
The Right Haircut For Your Face Shape
Facial Shapes and Hairstyles
For Men with:

Oval Face Shape considered to be the ideal face shape for women, but not so much for men, an oval face generally suits any hairstyle in any shape or length, because it is proportionally well-balanced. So not only can you pull off any type of sunglasses you like, but you also have the freedom to experiment with your haircut. Some people have all the luck.

The only thing to avoid is a full length fringe, as this can make the face appear rounder. An oval head shape allows maximum versatility, allowing the hair to be styled onto or off the face and can be worn long or short.
Male Facial Shapes
Oval Face Shape
Square Face Shape
Oblong Face Shape
Round Face Shape
Diamond Face Shape
Round Face Shape
Oval Face Shape
Oblong Face Shape
Triangular Face Shape
Square Face Shape
Jude Law
A guy with a square face shape is considered to be strong and masculine. When gents have their hair cut, the majority of styles they choose are squarer and more angular than women’s. Most women prefer to have their haircuts rounder in shape.

A strong jawline is the definitive feature of a square face, which makes the face appear chiselled and angular in appearance. Much like oval, a square face shape suits a wide range of styles, but the hair around the hairline can often look better if it is softer around the edges.
Square Face Shape
David Beckham
An oblong face will also suit many hairstyles. This face shape is slightly longer than an oval face, and it’s important to keep this in mind when choosing your haircut.

Try to avoid taking the sides too short if you want to keep length on top, as this would accentuate the length of the face and it make it appear even longer. If you want to wear your hair in this way then I would recommend trying to keep the shape well proportioned – don’t take the sides too short or leave the top too long.
Oblong Face Shape
Choosing a haircut for a round face depends entirely on what features/areas the individual would like to enhance or hide.

A round face has no angles or prominent lines, therefore it’s important to choose a style that can be worn with a bit of height. It doesn’t have to be spiky but adding volume keeps the face from looking too round.
Round Face Shape
Elijah Wood
Men with a diamond face shape have wide, prominent cheekbones and fairly narrow foreheads and chins.
Changing your haircut can prove to be difficult as the hair could do with having some length onto the face in order to soften the silhouette and create extra width on top. Many guys with a diamond face suit having their hair longer. Try choosing a haircut with a swept fringe and layers on top to add volume.
Diamond Face Shape
Pete Wentz
For Women with:
An oval face shape is considered the most versatile of the five main shapes. Any hair length usually looks good on this face type, but hair styled away from the face is often especially flattering to the oval face. Ovals can usually carry off a slicked-back hairstyle well, but may also look great with layers. Those with oval faces may want to avoid thick bangs or hairstyles with a lot of height on top.

The oblong is a long face that may look like a long oval or more rectangular if the jaw line is more angular. Oblong faces often look great in side-swept waves and chin-length hair cuts as these looks may visually shorten the face. Extremely long hair can make a long shape look even longer.
The triangular, or heart-shaped, face is characterized by a small or "pointy" chin and a broad forehead. Soft is the keyword for hairstyles for triangular face shapes as layers and sparse bangs can soften angular features. Those with triangular faces usually look great with either extremely long hair or extremely short hair if the overall appearance is soft and/or layered.
Square faces have strong jaw lines and squared-off chins. Strong bangs and chin-length hair styles will only accentuate the square face. Chopped or spiky ends or light layers can soften the square face shape.
Ideal haircut and hairstyle for each face shapes
Round Face Shape
Round face shapes are characterized by wide cheeks and a rounded chin. Soft waves of hair that flows downward can minimize the roundness of the cheeks. Those with round faces should avoid really curly or really straight hair. Layers can make a rounder face look less round and cuts below the chin can also create a less circular effect to a round face. Men with this shape should avoid strong side burns, but a beard or moustache may flatter a round face

Oval Face Shape
"A round face looks really good with an uneven cut, meaning a mix of lengths," says hairstylist and Los Angeles salon owner Chris McMillan. (Emma Stone's is a good example.) "If you add a deep side part and long, side-swept bangs, you'll look slimmer."
An easy way to add definition is with a sleek ponytail secured at—or above—the height of your ears.
If your face tends to look long, cutting straight bangs across the brow line can break up the length by creating the illusion of width.
Square Shaped Face
Triangular Shaped Face
For square faces the goal is not to find hard angular lines that will accentuate your strong features, but to soften them with oval or round frames
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