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Infographics Rock

No description

Dyane Smokorowski

on 17 February 2015

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Transcript of Infographics Rock

History of Infographics
Infographics ROCK!
Bringing Creativity to Critical Thinking
Our Earliest Artists
Were Data Storytellers
Mrs. Harriet Powers' Bible Quilt 1889
Photographs Make the Scene
in the Mid 20th Century
Then Came the Charts and Graphs
Visualization Makes Sense
So How do I Create One?
Eek! I'm not an artist
Caveat #1 - Finding an Online
Tool for Teachers is a Different
Ball Game than for Students
Teacher Tools
Easy and Versatile
Tableau Software
A bit complicated
but free and powerful
Ultimate List
46 Tools to Make
Student Tools
Art Supplies
Always available
Unlimited Possibilities
Microsoft Office,
iWork, Google Docs,
of Open Office
Easily available
Somewhat limiting
Great for Charts
Customize to Any Color
One Teacher login grants access to class
Easy to use
Built in symbols and diagram tools
Google image search integration
Cannot print easily
Can be expensive
Easy for students
Does have limitations
Student artwork can be added
Inspiration for iPad
Crazy Expensive but Powerful
Easy to Use
Great for creating diagrams
Student Drawing Tools for Graphics
DrawingBox for iPad
An entire Art Studio of tools in one space
Can be tricky to get images off
Images may all be square shaped
Better for grades 5+
MiniDraw Lite for iPad
Complicated so better used in high school
More authentic graphic look
Could be tricky to export images
Inkscape for PC (Mac version is fussy)
Definitely need to go through tutorials
Basically open source Adobe Illustrator
Very Powerful
Time Consuming
And Don't Forget the Endless Choices for Other Graphics, Diagrams, and Pre-made Data Sets
Whatever You Choose for You and Your Students remember that the power of Infographcs is allowing students to visually process data, concepts, and processes.
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