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Untitled Prezi

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Brandt Mealiffe

on 4 June 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Who I Am... By Brandt Mealiffe Who I Am My Best Friends My Inspiration If You Really Knew Me.. Bio Poem Me as a Leader My Quote Page I am Brandt. I am weird, I am funny, I am emotional,
I am awkward, I am smart, I am annoying,
I am lovable, I am helpful, I am sometimes unwanted, I am crazy, I am honest, I am very
self-conscious. I am Brandt. Throughout this show you will hopefully get to know me better than you ever have before. So I hope you enjoy. :) Laityn Andy Sixx/ Biersack As a leader, I like to make sure that everything is done to the fullest expectations and I feel that I have learned A LOT in Leadership this year. I've made a bunch of new friends, learned how I should represent Tarkainian, and how to be a better role model. But most importantly I have learned that the most important thing is to work as a team, and I feel that as a class we have done so. We accomplished so much this year and its been a great experience.Im going to miss you guys :') - I can be very emotional
- I dont express who I really am at school
- I love being alone, It gives me time to think
- I consider myself as an outcast
- Music means more than anything in the world to me
- No one really gets who I am, and no one ever will Me? Its all that I ever wanted to be

My spikey hair and multi-colored eyes

And then there are somethings that I keep in disguise

There are things I love and things I hate

And then to some people Im not all that great

But thats okay, because you know what I think?

Those people will never change me

Even if they push me to the brink

And even though Im different, thats just fine

Because I have an outcast army, waiting right behind These are some quotes that inspire me and that mean a lot to me. Here are a few: We met in 6th grade
and weren't really
meant to be friends,
but we did anyway.
Ever since then our
friendship has grown
more than ever and I
cherish it. She is one of
the best best friends I
have had. Gerald Me and Gerald met in 3rd grade.
And Im certainly glad we did.
He is the funniest person I know, and we always hang out.
He is the friend that got me into
gaming and introduced me to
Call of Duty. But thats not the reason why he is on this list.
We always get along, always
have a good time, and will
always mess with each other. "Got something to live for,
I know that I wont surrender;
a warrior of youth. Im taking over, a shot to the new world order, I am bulletproof!" Lyrics Quote Live your life. Listen to your music way too loud, be as crazy and as "different" as
you want to be. And always remember; you aren't alone. : ) Things I can't live without! - My iPhone
- My Xbox
- My Music
- My friends and family
- School
- My cousins
- Texas
- Mike and Ikes
- iFunny
- WiFi Closing Well, I hope you guys enjoyed!
Hopefully now you know me better than you have before. I am going to miss all of you next year, so I wanted to make this presentation worthwhile. Thanks for everything! :) BYE!!!!!
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