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Wave by Eric Walters

No description

Nick Scholey

on 25 May 2014

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Transcript of Wave by Eric Walters



Eric Walters

The second setting in this book is a New York City airport. This is an important setting because it's where Beth says good-bye to her family for the last time.
The next setting is Phuket, Thailand, where the Brooks are staying for their annual Christmas vacation.
During the Brooks' vacation, Beth stays at her university with her boyfriend Tad. Beth has a swimming scholarship with this university and can't miss the swim meet over the Christmas break.
The first setting in
is New York City in December, where the Brooks family are on route to the airport on their annual vacation to Thailand.
Settings in the novel
On the second day of their vacation, the Brooks go on an elephant trek that takes them to a Buddist Temple in the mountains.
The last setting in this book is a beach sunset outside of the refugee hospital, where Beth and Sam stand holding hands.
The next setting is the Bangkok Airport where Beth is attempting to get a flight into Thailand to reunite with her family. A man named Steve volunteers to fly her there via helicopter when she can't get a plane.
Characters in

James Brooks is the father of Sam and Beth, and husband of Ingrid Brooks. He's described as having brown hair and works as a lawyer in New York. He's very protective of his family and is willing to risk his life to save someone elses'.
Ingrid Brooks is the mother of Beth and Sam and wife of James Brooks. Ingrid has Multpile Sclerosis, which causes a lot of problems while they are on vacation.
The first half of this novel is narrated by Sam Brooks. Sam has blonde hair and is 12 years old. He is considerate of how others are feeling, but is a typical pre-teen in the sense that he sometimes make a big deal over small problems.
Beth Brooks is the daughter of James and Ingrid and sister to Sam. She stays home while the rest of the Brooks go on vacation due to university commitments.
Philippe's is the manager at the resort that the Brooks stay at in Phuket. He's a native to Thailand and thinks very highly of his guests, particularly the Brooks family.
Steve is yet another character in this novel. He works as a helicopter rescue man during the tsunami. He takes Beth from Bangkok to Phuket to help her to save her family.
Another setting is the hospital off the coast of Phuket. We aren't given the name, but it's described as a makeshift hospital in a motel building with a lot of refugees.
Symbols in Wave
One symbol is Ingrid's Multiple Sclerosis, which represents misfortune or bad luck.
Before the tsunami hits the beach, a trained elephant starts running away from the sand. This is foreshadowing a natural disaster.
Another symbol in the story is the tsunami itself. The wave represents death and destruction and causes almost all the conflicts in the plot.
The telephone symbolizes hope between Beth and the rest of the Brooks as it is the only way for them to communicate with each other.
Another object that symbolizes hope is a family picture Beth has to show the survivors of the tsunami. It's her only way to show the tourists and natives who she's looking for.
The last symbol is Beth and Sam holding hands at the end of the novel. I think this represents peace and satisfaction in a not so peaceful time in their lives.
Key Events
The first key event is the opening scene where we find out that Beth won't be joining her family on their vacation this year. This doesn't seem like a big deal at first, but it causes some problems later on in the story.
A second plot event that takes place is the mountain trek to the Buddist temple. This is an important event because it shows the family bond between James, Ingrid and Sam.
A third event that takes place is the tsunami itself. This is key to the story because it can be considered the main conflict to the plot.
The next event to take place is when Beth finds out about the tsunami that hit Phuket at her university. This scene is nearing the climax of the story.
Tad is the name of Beth's boyfriend. He's very supportive of her and respects her decisions but also wants to her be safe and protected.
Another key event is Beth's decision to travel to Phuket to search for her family.
One of the climaxes of the story is when Beth sees her dad in a morgue. This comes as a shock to her because she really realizes how devastating the tsunami was.
One of the last major events is when Beth finds her brother at a makeshift hospital off the coast of Thailand.
The final scene is Beth's realization that she may never find the rest of her family, but as long as she's with her brother, she won't be alone.
Themes in

Courage is one the strongest themes in the novel. This is shown through James and Sam rescuing a women and her child from a tree during the tsunami, and in Beth's decision to find her family instead of waiting for them to come home.
Optimism is another prominent theme in Wave. It can be seen when Beth tries to keep an open mind about finding her family, and when Sam choses to find out how to have fun without Beth on his vacation.
Selfishness is used effectively and realistically, particularly in the scene where Sam starts to worried about his iPod being washed away in the tsunami. He then realizes that people have lost their family members and that he was being foolish and selfish thinking about himself.
Selflessness is displayed a lot throughout the story, a good example being when Ingrid tends to the wounds the victims of the tsunami get.
A fifth theme is man against nature, since the tsunami causes all of the conflicts towards the humans in the book.
The last theme of the novel is the theme of Reunion, and example being Beth and Sam reuniting at the end of the book
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