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Graduate Program: Black Diamond Energy Services

No description

scott veniot

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of Graduate Program: Black Diamond Energy Services

Graduate Program: Project 2 Inventory Alignment and Availability Reporting Scott Veniot Presentation Outline: Agenda Project Overview
Independent Inventory Counts
Inventory Alignment and Reconciliations
3rd Party Asset Tracking Tools
Asset Specifications
Process Flow Charts
Conclusions Objectives Project Overview Complete independently validated inventory count
Cross reference relative asset specs/drawings into SAP
Develop process for updating specs as new assets are added to the fleet
Develop process to ensure all rental agreements include the relevant specs
Analysis and recommendation on asset tracking tools (RFID, GPS, Bar coding) Inventory Counts
Reconciliations Original Fleet Count Report Grande Prairie Fort St. John Edson Original Fleet Count Report Original Fleet Count Report Estevan Original Fleet Count Report Asset Spec Sheets Cross referencing relative asset spec sheets and drawings to each asset, including maintenance check sheets Results Challenges Asset Specs/Drawings are disorganized
Dispersed between S:Drive, Milton, Tyler, Dennis, Kim, etc.
Very few specs for acquired assets (Paragon, Border)
Acquired assets must have new specs developed Asset Tracking How do we currently track our assets? What problems does that create? How can that be improved? Does a 3rd party asset tracking solution make sense for Energy Services? Currently Tracking Assets Issues Surrounding the Process Problem Process 2700 assets being manually accounted for Manual data entry / Manual inventory count Error prone and time consuming "White Board" System Lack of visibility Lack of visibility = lost or stolen assets Lack of visibility = decreased utilization Unreliable information Constant reconciliations SAP integration Inconsistent method of tracking amongst branches 3rd Party Asset Tracking Technologies GPS
2D Companies AssetPulse
TrigPoint Solutions Energy Service's
Requirements Highly durable tag: - Withstand temp, liquid, force GPS enabled rugged hand held scanners Software capable of automating our "paper processes" Software which can integrate with SAP/FieldVu 61.81% 20.41% 17.78% 49.61% 40.31% 7.24% 0.63% 2.20% 40.77% 38.62% 12.01% 7.73% 0.86% 93.89% 93.31% 3.80% 1.63% 1.27% iTrackRentals GPS Based Web-based application:
Allows service providers to track and market their assets to potential buyers Displays the assets "real-time" identity on an interactive map allowing potential customers to source equipment closer to their project(s) Is a standalone software which does not integrate with ERP systems Issues with GPS Durability
Works best in controlled environments Also heavily focused on pursuing advertising opportunities GPS RFID AssetPulse RFID based technology (radio-frequency identification) Customized RFID tags of various shapes/sizes/materials Tags are secured in a variety of ways: welding, riveted, adhesive Variety of rugged GPS enabled hand-held scanners Software: AssetGather TrigPoint Solutions Offers both RFID and GPS solutions Specializing in servicing the Oil and Gas industry Hardware Web-Based, Integrates data from RFID tags and GPS scanners Generates inventory, utilization, and maintenance reports Integrates data with SAP Highly experienced and knowledgeable management team Hardware Highly durable and compact RFID tags Rugged Interactive Hand held GPS scanners Software: PROMPTT Acts as a virtual instruction manual; guiding users through procedures and providing feedback
Easily configures with SAP
Creates scheduled audits, maintenance checks, etc. Issues with RFID Requires close line of sight Able to read signal on rig mats? PermaCode
Technologies 2D 2D data matrix technology Hardware Machine readable symbology
A highly durable and intelligent bar-code
Simple installation Software: Mobile Epiphany Designed to automate current workflow procedures
Interaction between management and field
Integrates with SAP
Very similar to PROMPTT Possible Benefits Accurate real time data = Reliable information
= Diminishes human error / labour hours
= Consistent visibility of asset availability Streamline real time data with SAP = Save data entry labour hours
= Diminish reconciliations
= Data integrity Drive accountability = Monitor employee performance Increased Visibility = Less assets lost/stolen
= Improved quoting
= Improved utilization Recommendation Clearly define goals and expectations of an asset management solution Continue to explore TrigPoint Solutions Conduct a cost-benefit analysis, short vs. long term benefit Hire a co-op student for implementation Test prototypes Process Creation Process in place to ensure new assets have spec sheets and drawings attached to their inventory files in SAP Process in place to ensure all rental agreements include the relevant specs and drawings Branch visits - physical audit Main issues Sample Quote AssetGather Software fee $3000 initial fee
$700 monthly 3 day software integration/installation $5,300 GPS Enabled hand-held reader $2,800 per AssetGather per hand-held $150 per month/per reader RFID Tags $6 - $10 per tag Price Item Reconciliation Reconciliation Reconciliation Reconciliation Main Problems Data used to generate fleet count reports was dated Mismatched asset registers Did not visit 3rd party yards Reconciliations Post Audit: Compared FA module with serial # details This noted anomalies which required edits Realigned FA module and serial # details Process Changes Unit availability report generated daily = improved visibility Branches provide weekly fleet count report Quarterly Branch Inventory Audit - Darryl Accounting provides mismatch report, reconciled monthly Summary Pre-Audit Post-Audit 67.59% 31.70% 0.71% Contact branches for conformation on locations Sample Quote Item Price 40mm metal mount RFID tag $10 per tag Rugged hand-held terminals $125 per month PROMPTT system main application $250 per month (per device) System Configuration/Deployment $1000 per day (2-3 days) System admin training $1000 per day (3-4 days) Conclusion 98.22% 1.78% 98.65% 1.35% 100% 99.61% 0.39% 99.00% 1.00% Errors Lack of communication
Asset moves not entered into SAP
Asset moves not being communicated to accounting/division admin
Asset new builds/disposals not being communicated Current method of asset tracking has caused issues
- Lack of visibility
- Unreliable data
- Time Consuming Process changes should help to improve asset tracking Realigned asset register from 67% to 99% 61% of assets have specs/drawings attached Next potential step: 3rd party asset tracking Questions or Concerns?
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