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Fossil Fuels b4- Ray, Barstar, Maccaron

No description

Abhishek Ray

on 31 May 2013

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Transcript of Fossil Fuels b4- Ray, Barstar, Maccaron

FUELS Petroleum Formation & Location Uses Extraction & Refinement hydrocarbons Advantages & Concerns Natural Gas Formation & Location Uses Extraction & Refinement Advantages & Concerns Coal Formation & Location Uses Extraction & Refinement Advantages & Concerns Coal is very cost effective! There is a large quantity of Coal It can produce Carbon Dioxide! It destroys a wide area of land. Since Coal is wasted easily,
daily truckloads of it is required. Petroleum makes for easy
transportation with pipes. Can Cause Oil Spills from leaks in the pipes. Oil leaks can also cause air pollution Has connections with Global Warming Can cause unpleasant odors It causes issues with transportation It is the cleanest fossil fuel Gas is very efficient Can cause acid rain and smog SOLAR ENERGY What is It Used For? Solar Energy is used to generate electricity. It is a cleaner way to make electricity. Good It produces no pollution. It can can be very efficient Cons It is very expensive to install Although it can be efficient, it will not work well in places farther from the equator. Why does that happen? Angle of Insolation Places near the North and South Poles receive less
sunlight because the sunlight it does get is indirect. Northern Hemisphere Equator Solar Energy will not work well in places that receive the indirect sunlight. Ex: Antarctica, Parts of Canada, Greenland, Northern Russia, etc.
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