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Ramona and her Father

A Book Report 4th Grade Ms. Armknecht's Class

Hailey Jarvis

on 5 January 2015

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Transcript of Ramona and her Father

Ramona and her Father
The author of Ramona and her Father is Beverly Cleary. The Genre is Realistic Fiction
Ramona is always excited on Pay Day because they get to do different things together. Ramona was not happy when her father came home unhappy, he had lost his job. Ramona and Beezus were always mad because they never got to have their favorite dinners or lunches. They had to buy cheap cat food for their cat picky-picky. Beezus didnt like that. Ramona had imagined getting one million dollars
for being in a commercial for her dad. Ramona kept practicing and practicing. It never happend. Ramonas dad always smokes and when Beezus yelled a her dad because he is spending lots of money on cigaretts she said ' if you keep smoking then your lungs will turn black and you will die. and that is when Ramona got scared and started making signs that told him to not smoke, he ignored them
Ramona is mostly at her house, sometimes she is at school. This book takes place at mostly day and a little bit at night.
and got angry. Finally Ramona just told him not to. Beezus came home and told her mom she had to do something for creative writing. She said it cant be stories or poems it has to be an interview an older person and ask them what they did when they were their age. She had picked Mrs. Swink. Ramona had a terrible costume that she didnt like because she was a sheep for the Christmas program at church.
The characters are Ramona, Ramonas Father, Ramonas sister, Beezus, Howie and Ramonas Mother.
Ramona kept her Father from smoking, She was very excited! Ramonas Father got a job for a checker in a chain of supermarkets! Ramona went with beezus to mrs. Swinks and got a lot of good information. Ramona saw three girls at the Christmas Program putting make up on and she asked if she could have black nose and she looked exactly like a sheep, she was proud. And she loved
to be a sheep again next year. When she came out to the stage, Her father winked at her and was happy for her. Ramona was happy, too.
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