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Media Texts and Society's Values

Unit 3+4 VCE Media exam revision 2012

Steve Reiher

on 28 October 2016

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Transcript of Media Texts and Society's Values

Values must represent an ATTITUDE
(and are usually expressed in a sentence)
If explaining a value don't simplify it too much. If you start with the word "That"... and use the word "should" then you should be on the right track.

For example: "That racism is unacceptable in today's society, and people should tolerate all races and cultures."

Other examples:
That honesty is something people should hold dear.
That slavery is inhumane and nobody should be treated that way.
That the colour of a person's skin should not determine how they are treated....
When asked to define something like: "Dominant Social Value"...
Make sure you define ALL three words!!!! Not just the word "dominant", for example.
(examiners will be basing the values part of the exam on this)
Knowledge of the RELATIONSHIP between society's values, discourse and media texts

Knowledge of a social ISSUE or DISCOURSE constructed and distributed though Media texts

Analysis of the construction, distribution and interpretation of society's values as represented in media texts.
Reflect about what was happening in the REAL WORLD when the text was created.

The PRODUCTION CONTEXT is vital when analysing the values portrayed in a text.

How has the TEXT been affected by the production context???

For example: In District 9, how did the events of apartheid ending in South Africa affect the values portrayed, 15 years later, when the film was made?
When talking about SOCIETY, be specific.

Which society?
What was happening in that society at the time?
What SOURCES authenticate our reading of that society?*

*SOURCES are important!! What evidence is there to support the above???
STATE EXAMPLES of texts including movies, newspaper articles, websites, advertisements...
In your exam, you should be talking about ONE discourse. For example: RACISM

A discourse is an on-going discussion about a particular theme or idea. Media texts reflect what society's values are about that discourse at the time of production.
Media Texts and Society's Values
Refer to MORE than ONE TEXT
When you are discussing a Discourse, make sure you mention more than one text.

Examples of texts are not just movies, but you could discuss relevant advertisements or even coverage of news events of a particular production context. Any relevant media form is valid.

Do not GENERALISE, though. Give specific examples
The relationship between dominant, oppositional and emerging values
is important
How do the texts reflect/represent different values?
Don't just RETELL the storyline
make sure you express

HOW values are

In conclusion
Practise, Practise, Practise
questions to do with SOCIETY'S VALUES

The best place to do this is via:

Practice exams
Looking closely at your VALUES SAC.
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