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Korean Regional Foods: Busan

No description

Sammi Law

on 12 February 2014

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Transcript of Korean Regional Foods: Busan

Regional Korean Foods: Busan
Table of Contents
Slide 1: Introduction to Busan
Introduction to Busan
Busan is the second largest city in Korea after Seoul.

It is the largest port city in South Korea and one of the world's busiest seaport.
Sammi Law & Katherine Ma Korean 1B
부산 회
Busan's Raw Fish
흑염소 불고기
Black Goat Bulgogi
Jagalchi Market
부산 해물탕
Busan Seafood Soup
Seed-Stuffed Pancake
씨앗호떡 is a street food sold in Busan.
is filled
and sunflower
The seeds are stuffed in after the dough is fried so it's less oily, but still crispy and delicious.
Slide 2: Jagalchi Market 자갈치시장
Slide 3: Busan Seafood Soup 부산 해물탕
Slide 4: Busan's Raw Fish 부산 회
Slide 5: Seed-Stuffed Pancake 씨앗호떡
Slide 6: Dongnae Pajeon 동래파전
Slide 7: Pork and Rice Soup 돼지국밥
Dongnae Pajeon
Pork and Rice Soup
Sliced Pork Hocks w/ Cold Jellyfish
Slide 8: Sliced Pork Hocks w/ Cold Jellyfish 냉채족발
Slide 9: Black Goat Bulgogi 흑염소 불고기
Slide 10: Korean Cold Noodles: Busan Style 밀면
Korean Cold Noodles: Busan Style
A fish market located near the Nampo Port, so the fish is still fresh when delivered.

The largest fish market in Korea.

Mostly elderly women who run the fish stands.

Cheaper prices than supermarkets.

Many fish restaurants, where you can try various fish. You can also bring your own fish, and they'll cook it for you.
Let's go to Busan and eat!!!
냉채족발 is a salad that has a sweet-and-sour, lemony taste.
You can eat the pork hocks wrapped in vegetables and various ingredients such as cucumber, carrot, and sliced cold jellyfish. It's seasoned with a sweet, sour mustard sauce.
Ingredients are a little different according to the season.

About 15 ingredients are added to this soup including different kinds of seafood and vegetables.

Spring onion, radish, onion, and parsley are needed to make the broth tasty.

When cooking, you have to close the lid until the color of the shrimp turns red. If you don't, the fish taste will go away.
Pan fried green spring onions with rice flour, glutinous rice flour, eggs, and additional ingredients such as clams, mussels, beef, oysters, shrimp, and other seafoods.

Origin: During the Joseon Dyansty, it was a special dish so the governor of Dongnae served it to the King. Then during the Japanese colonial era, some restaurants opened which sold Dongnae Pajeon and it became common food for the public.

The dish was named after Dongnaesung (동래성) which is a former fortress in the Joseon Dynasty and its now a district in Busan (동래구).

Tear with chopsticks into bite-sized pieces, dip into red chili pepper sauce, and enjoy.

Origin: During the Korean War, the people who fled to Busan from North Korea made this dish instead of naengmyeon. It is made for the first time from flour given by the American army that time.

The difference between Naengmyeon and Milmyeon is that naengmyeon is more tough while milmyeon is softer and more chewy.
History of Dwaeji Guk Bap: During the Korean War,refuges fled to Busan and the Koreans used pig bones from the American army.

Sauce includes: Korean soy sauce made from fermented soy beans, hot pepper paste, garlic, ginger, seasame oil, and sugar.
(Geumjung mountain fortress makkolli= alcoholic beverage which is a mix of rice and wheat)
Cooked on charcoal to get rid of the smell
Black goat eats various grasses and foods on the mountain, so their meat has less fat and is rich in protein, vitamin B, and vitamin E.
As said before, the noodles are made from flour. It includes a meat broth and several kinds of vegetables.

Because it's cold and spicy, an egg is added to protect the stomach. Vinegar and mustard is added to make it sweet and sour.
a chef would cut and slice the fresh fish so you could see through it

fish has lots of omega-3 and unsaturated fatty acids, making it especially good for women

dip in three kinds of sauces: soy sauce(red fish), pepper sauce(white fish), and bean paste(white fish)
Besides including pork, pork bone soup, and cooked rice, you can add a little sauce and a little green onion.
Most of the time it's served with side dishes.
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