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Four Square, For What?


Monica Fineis

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of Four Square, For What?

A prezi by Monica Fineis For What? , What? Who? How? Why? "Technology that facilitates serendipity" -Dennis Crowley, Co-founder of Foursquare "Legal stalking application" -The Atlantic Business Started in 2009 by two friends in New York Office now has 16 employees (get it, four squared?) Debuted at the 2009 SXSW festival Location service-based social networking game Gained 100,000 new users in 10 days during SXSW 2010 Currently more than 600,000 users > 1.4 million official Foursquare locations Awarded 1 million+ badges New York and San Francisco most popular locations Who doesn't like a game? Learn about new places around you Learn about the people around you Get out more! Get rewarded from businesses Every time you turn on Foursquare, you’re given a list of places around your check-in point.

"It brings up my option to check in, and it’ll show me exactly where it is. And that’s when I’ve found a lot of places that I’ve never been to," Kris explains.

As in, “Oh, there’s a Jamaican food place Downtown? I want to go there!”
Kristoffer Bakken, a multi-media producer from Holt “What’s really cool,” Bob Fish says, “is you can lay down tips.

So, when I was at Barnes and Noble I laid down a tip and said, ‘Hey, the guys in the music department are awesome.’” Bob Fish, CEO of Biggby Coffee Friends’ tips pop up on your screen when you check in to nearby venues.

“We went to Jimmy’s [Pub] last night and it said, ‘Since you’re so close to the Small Planet, they have an excellent beer selection.’” Michelle Fish, wife to Bob Fish “It also reminds people about places they like in Lansing,” Terry Brock says, adding that Lansing appears to “suffer from the ‘there's-nothing-to-do’ syndrome, when in actuality, there is something to do.” Terry Brock, MSU anthropology and archeology graduate "I was the mayor of a frozen yogurt place for a while, and they had an offer to get a free topping if you could show them your mayor status," she says.

"I probably ate more yogurt than I'd ever need to just to keep my mayorship." Veronica Belmont, Foursquare user in San Fransico http://foursquare.com/businesses/ Thanks for checking in! The Badges
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