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What if Abraham Lincoln didn't become President?

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Dominique Bergeron

on 23 October 2012

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Transcript of What if Abraham Lincoln didn't become President?

What if Abraham Lincoln
Didn't become President? By: Dominique
Bergeron Abraham Lincoln, and Stephan A. Douglas
Ran against each other for Presidency. Douglas was a Judge in the Supreme Court, and part of The House of Representatives. He was for the Democratic Party. Douglas and Lincoln have been butting heads for years and it finally came down to The Presidency of the United States. Each had different views on things and slavery of course, one of the most important issues of the civil war and the election. If... Stephen A.Douglas got elected president history would be different today. Douglas was a fan of slavery and wanted the United States Divided into two pieces of Slavery and non slavery. He was competing against Lincoln for 20+ years and was a judge for supreme court, which can make him powerful. If he became president our country would probably still be divided and have a wall or something and slavery would probably just be getting pasted, or trying to get pasted. The Civil War wouldn't have happened and we wouldn't have been able to fight for what was right. When? Where? Why? President Lincoln was not pro slavery. Douglas was pro slavery. which got him some votes but not as many as Lincoln. Lincoln didn't want the country in two pieces but as one country as a whole and that helped him for people who wanted the war to end. He did not believe that our country could be divided into slavery and not slavery. Which gave him votes to become president. What? What If ? Who? November 6, 1860 is when Abe Lincoln became President.He assumed office since March 4, 1861 and was reelected November 8, 1864. The Presidential election took place all over the United States. In the open, and in town meetings. How? Abraham Lincoln believed in equality for all, that there shouldn't be slaves, and our country shouldn't be divided. He was a wise man and thought about things long and hard before making a decision.Douglas wanted a divided nation of slavery and non slavery which was going to tear our country apart even further. The Senate...Douglas. He stuck to his Beliefs Year of 1860 Didn't like slavery. Lincoln is one of the greatest Presidents! Chart of votes!!
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