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Dr. Robert Marzano

No description


on 26 August 2013

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Transcript of Dr. Robert Marzano

Dr. Robert Marzano:
Accomplishments, Philosophy, and Methods
Robert Marzano

-It is not just about learning facts and information
-Students must learn to ask “Why” or “So What?”
-This makes knowledge meaningful and real world applicable

-TOP priority of a school is the student
-Trumps teacher agenda, state mandates, social influence
-Teachers must understand student needs and instruct accordingly.

-Students must be giving on opportunities to “do”
-Practice makes perfect
-Learning from experience is critical
-Marzano values the process of learning; not just the completion of it

summarizing and note-taking
are two of the most important instructional strategies
- develops analytical and synthesis skills
- requires a processing of information to make quality decisions about what information is necessary to completely understand a topic
A longtime prominent figure in the education world
Through his books, lectures, research laboratory and more he has left his mark on schools and teachers across America
-to develop research and instructional practices with one goal in mind: help the students
-well-thought out practices for teachers across America to use regardless of their situation
-reminder of the privilege and opportunity we have as educators of our future by seeing the passion Dr. Marzano has exemplified.
=Just a Marzano promotes educational reform, God calls us to radically reform ourselves when He calls us to turn our lives, our hearts, our wills, over to Him.
-Marzano believes each student can grow to be a valuable member of the world around them; a true Christian worldview.
-Note-taking is also a useful tool for keeping track of prayers; dreams and visions; and messages from God. Summarizing is good way to synthesize the knowledge learned through the study of God’s word.

Nine categories of strategies, when used properly, enhance student achievement.
- Identifying Similarities and Differences - Summarizing and Note-taking
- Reinforcing Effort and Providing Recognition - Cooperative Learning
- Setting Objectives and Providing Feedback - Homework and Practice
- Nonlinguistic Representations
- Generating and Testing Hypotheses
- Cues, Questions, and Advance Organizers.

Quality instruction
has the greatest impact
on student achievement
- students must delete, substitute, and keep information; and then write about the topic in their own words.
- the structure of the information presented is important
Activities that help develop summarizing skills
- rule-based summaries
- summary frames
- reciprocal teaching
- students must identify the most important information and state it in a shorter format.
- more notes are better than fewer notes
Activities that help develop note-taking skills
- teacher-prepared notes as a model
- various note-taking formats
- The Midcontinent Research for Education and Learning has done the research to support each category of strategies
- Marzano''s books provide detailed instructions, examples, and graphic organizers for each category that can be implemented immediately
- Some of the instructional strategies can be used during church service, personal and group Bible study to help remember the information being taught (summarizing and note-taking etc.) and enhance your Christian walk
-Some of the instructional strategies can also be used for people who have instructional positions in the ministry
Robert Marzano

A man of ambition, integrity, and selflessness
Worked his entire life to help students
Methods can be used by
all teachers regardless
of situation
Widely used and highly regarded texts include:
-The Art and Science of Teaching
-The Highly Engaged Classroom
-Using Common Core Standards to Enhance Classroom Instruction & Assessment

Dr. Marzano trains educators both nationally and internationally, incuding webinars.

Author and Trainer
Belief in the potential of every student and the belief certain practices work universally.
His philosophy can be categorized:
-Student-centered instruction
-Critical-thinking skills
-"Hands-on" instruction
-Developed the Marzano Research Laboratory.
-Authored 30 books and over 150 educational articles
-International speaker and trainer
-Renown educational reformer of the 21st century

Marzano Research Laboratory
Provides educational research in the areas of assessment, school intervention, writing and implementing standards, effective educational leadership, and classroom strategies. Research is interpreted, tested and developed into practical strategies for use in K-12 classrooms with the goal of increasing student achievement.
Education Reformer
Believes that “effective education reform begins with students and teachers in their classrooms, with student achievement “the superordinate goal, supported by uniform yet flexible behaviors in the classroom.”
Robert Marzano’s greatest achievements and contributions to educational research and reform is his recognition that reform begins at the core of education: the student in the classroom.
Dr. Marzano's Philosophy
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