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All About Me - Summer Wright

No description

Summer Wright

on 10 August 2015

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Transcript of All About Me - Summer Wright

The Basics
Just some quick facts about me:
I am a sophomore here at UNF
I am 19 years old
I am also a Pathways Scholar
I grew up in Jacksonville
Here's a picture of me and my BF at Universal Studios
If you see me around say hi!
My Major
So my major here at UNF is anthropology, with a focus on archeology. In case you don't know, archeology is the study of the human past. (
My minor is in environmental studies, but I wish I could double major in geology.
My Interest
Archeology (Duh)
Why UNF?
Well, to be honest UNF was not my first choice of school in the beginning. However, it was one of a few I applied for. Even though I got into UCF and Stetson, I decided UNF was the best fit for me, we have a great school with great resources for students. Plus I love that UNF is smaller than UCF by almost 40,000 students! You'll love it here, I wouldn't go anywhere else.
All About Me
Hi, my name is Summer Wright. I'll be an online TA for your SLS class! This will be short presentation all about me, that way you can get an idea of how to do your own presentation.
More About Me
If you would like to get to know me better, you can:
Follow me on Instagram!
Add me on Facebook!
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