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M2K Kids

on 30 October 2014

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Transcript of Halloween

Halloween's Origin
Halloween originated from the Celtic religion. The Celtics believed that the barrier between our world and the world of ghosts and spirits became thin. That meant to them that spirits and weird powers could enter the Earth. To scare those strange things away, they created a festival known as Samhain. They would dress in scary costumes and have a celebration. That's how Halloween started and where it originated.
How Did Halloween Come to America?
Halloween came to America by Irish and Scottish immigrants. When the Irish and Scottish immigrants started flooding America, they trick-or-treated and Americans picked up on it.
Jack O' Lantern
The term jack o' lantern was first used to describe people. The term meant a man with a lantern or a night watch man. A decade or so later, people then referred the term jack o' lantern to mean mysterious lights.
Bats are a very feared Halloween creature. They reason why they became feared in the early days of Halloween is because there were many paintings of witches worshiping some type of big, black, flying creature. People believed that the creature in the paintings were bats. Since witches were considered evil, people started to fear bats because they were associated with witches.
Thanks For Watching!
How Did the Idea of Trick or Treating Start?
The idea of trick-or-treating came from the Celts. Since they thought that spirits could enter our world, they believed that wearing costumes that looked like the spirits would trick the spirits into thinking that they never left and the spirits would go back to where they came from.
By: Karmen Wanchisn
Halloween's Meaning
Halloween is the night in October 31, the eve of All Saints' Day, commonly celebrated by children who dress in costumes and solicit candy and other treats door-to-door.
Why Do We Trick or Treat?
We trick-or-treat to mimic mumming. Mumming is when people decide to wear costumes, chant, sing, act, and be mischievous.
Jack O' Lantern
Jack o' lanterns are named off of a man named "Stingy Jack". As the Irish tale goes, Stingy Jack was a man that liked to play tricks on the devil. One time he invited the Devil over for a drink but he didn't want to pay for it. He asked the devil for a nickel to help pay for the drinks and he gave him one. Instead for using the nickel to help pay, Jack just ran off with it. The devil was stuck on Earth for a while until Stingy Jack decided to set him free, only after he promised he wouldn't seek revenge on him and wouldn't claim his soul in hell when he died.
Jack O' Lantern
When Stingy Jack finally died, God wouldn't let him into heaven because of his nasty behavior and, keeping his promise, the devil rejected him at the gates of hell. Feeling bad, the devil gave him a burning coal to light his way around earth. Jack put the coal in a hollowed out turnip and has been roaming the Earth ever since. When Americans heard this story, that's when they got the idea of putting lights inside of carved pumpkins. They used pumpkins because they had a greater supply of them then they did turnips.
Bats are feared now mostly because they are thought to have rabies. They are also feared because of their black skin and spookiness.
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