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"The Pearl" Song Project

No description

Tatiana Gantt

on 7 December 2012

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Transcript of "The Pearl" Song Project

By: Tatiana Gantt "The Pearl" Song Project Song of the Family Flute Ocean Sounds: I chose this song because it's a nice and peaceful song. I imagine that this is what Kino heard in as the Song of the Family in the beginning of the book. Song of the Pearl The Black Pearl: I chose this song because it sounds like it tells a story of which a person has had tried times, but also an adventure. The pearl represents the hard time and adventure it gave Kino and his family and so can this song. Song of Evil Ruler and the Killer: I chose this song for The Song of Evil mainly because of how the beat sounds Evil. And I also imaged this song being played when Kino heard the Song of Evil in his head. Song of Kino Dead or Alive: I chose this song because as the song says, Kino is basically "wanted dead or alive". Kino is wanted killed because he has the pearl and because he killed an important person. For that, Kino is being tracked. Song of Coyotito Come Away to the Water: This song was chosen because he was killed in a cave closely located near water. To me this song fits because it's like the water (the singers) had called him to die. And in the song it says "come away to the darkness", which I also interpreted into Coyotito's death. Song of the Doctor The Pink Panther Theme Song: I chose this song because the Doctor is a very sneaky person. He's sneaky because he puts something questionable in the medicine he gave Coyotito. Song of Freedom Song of Shoes Hallelujah Chorus: I love shoes. I've been recently getting into heels. When I see a shoe I REALLY like, this rings through my head. Song of Wellington The Ding Dong Song: My dog is 8 or 9 years old, so sometimes he's lazy and acts old. But other times, he's just as playful as a 5 month old puppy. Song of My Personality Who's That Chick?: I chose this song because I feel like when people get to know actually know me I'm a lot crazier and funnier than they may have thought I was from their first impression. And if people met the real me in the beginning, they would've thought "who's that chick?". 1:35 1:38-Remember you belong to me
2:07- The ruler and the killer baby Dancing Queen: This is honestly my theme song. I chose this song for a couple of reasons. The first one being because now that I'm 14, I have more freedom (and responsibility). The second being because I love to sing this song loudly and dance to it (in the comfort of my own home of course).
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