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Adding and Subtracting Decimals

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Kristy Hill

on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of Adding and Subtracting Decimals

Essential Questions:
- How can you add or subtract decimals?
-Where do you see or use decimals in the world around us?
-How can you use estimation of decimals to solve problems?

Adding and Subtracting Decimals - A week before the restaurant activity,
we will discuss and look at a variety of different
restaurants that are out there.
-Students choose an ethnic restaurant they would like to explore more about it.
-Ethnic food books and magazines will be incorporated in the classroom to read and clip from for their menus.
Cultural Competence Socioeconomic Status -Students will have a choice on how they want to present ethnic foods.
-They all need to have some sort of menu for their restaurant. They can choose how to make one either by using computers, construction paper or a template that has been designed for them. They can also bring one from a restaurant and report on it in some form.
-Students are to make a story problem of a scenario that could happen in a restaurant. They could incorporate coupons, tips, and buy one/get one half off.
-This lesson engages students in applying what they learned of rounding, adding and subtracting decimals in a real world scenario and in an interactive way. Students can get into the role playing as much as they choose with this activity. • Differentiating an Engaging Learning
Environment -The classroom is set in pods of 6. This is set in a way to let students collaborate during lessons.
-During the restaurant activity, students can move their desks into two's so they have more of a restaurant feel of being a customer and waiter.
-For those students who need more quiet time to work, there is space in the hall and will lesson the noise in the room.
-The students are to keep track of their work on a form showing what they estimated their food to be, how much it was and what their change would be from the waiter. This is to keep them on track during the activity. Classroom Management Day 1:
Pre-assessments: Students identify where they have added or subtracted with decimals before.
Performance assessment: A collage from clippings from ads showing what they have added together with multi step story problems.
Post Assessment: Quick Check
Day 2:
Summative assessment: Restaurant scenarios

Assessment Meeting Minnesota State Standards Read and write decimals using place value to describe decimals in terms of groups from millionths to millions. Estimate solutions to arithmetic problems in order to assess the reasonableness of results. Find 0.1 more than a number and 0.1 less than a number. Find 0.01 more than a number and 0.01 less than a number. Find 0.001 more than a number and 0.001 less than a number. Round numbers to the nearest 0.1, 0.01 and 0.001. Add and subtract decimals and fractions, using efficient and generalizable procedures, including standard algorithms. Estimate sums and differences of decimals and fractions to assess the reasonableness of results. Solve real-world and mathematical problems requiring addition and subtraction of decimals, fractions and mixed
numbers, including those involving measurement, geometry and data.
Students will know…
-how to use rounding and compatible numbers to estimate sums and differences of whole numbers and decimals
-how to compute sums of decimals involving tenths, hundredths, and thousandths
-how to compute differences of decimals involving tenths, hundredths, and thousandths
Students will be able to…
-estimate multi digit decimals on a menu or an ad
-compute the sum of multi digit decimals on a menu or in an ad
-subtract the sum of their “purchase” from the money they have to receive the correct change back
Students will apply what they learned from estimating, adding and subtracting decimals into a real life scenario of purchasing items at a restaurant they will have created. -Students have a week to complete a
menu or project of their choosing.
-Students will have class time to prepare and are always welcome to work before, after, or at lunch.
-There will be different books on ethnic foods, magazines to clip from and iPads to research on.
-They can work with partners or individually.
-They can use computers, templates or art supplies to create their project.
+5.78 9.67
- 4.39
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