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Final Presentation Marketing 2800 Section 5

Nhan Phan

on 18 July 2013

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Our Purpose
Controlling Ideas
Market Research
Segmentation & Target Markets
Distribution channel
Marketing Mix
Promotional Plan
Review and appraisal
Bangkok- The heart of the country's investment and development (49% GDP of Thailand)
High vehicle ownership rate relative to income level, inadequate public transport systems

(Fuller&Thomas, 2007)
Import growth also moderated to 8% in 2012
(Communicaid Ltd. 2013)

Efforts to alleviate the transportation problem from 2007 (extensive system of elevated highways, construction of intersection bypasses)

(Tanaboriboon & Yordphol, 2010)
New or used vehicles imported into Thailand are subject to very high taxes and duties (around 200 percent of the vehicle's value)
(Thai Customs Department )

The Environment
Market Research
Coordinated decentralization
Same message in whole world

Adapt suitable image to Thai lifestyle

Coordinated decentralization
Control and coordinate between home country and host country to eliminate expenses and program "overlap" of marketing plan.
Tailor customization in design
Smart thanks!
Smart question?
The Marketing Mix
Product, Price, Placement
Marketing Plan
This marketing plan willl be successful for the Smart Car Company.
Range from $15,119 to $35,119 ( without tax)
Thai: B 1,360,000 to B 2,900,000 (included tax)

Different Products and Amenities provide options
Competitive pricing- below fashionable efficient competitors
“Smart Centers” and "Mercedes showrooms"

Expand Distribution

Altering the Smart Car's image in Thailand will also help it succeed

In the past year, Smart car sales dropped about sixty percent, and the sales for Thai's cars and trucks rose about eleven percent
(Smart Cars to be Sold at Mercedes Dealers, 2011).
Create brand awareness:Small is big
Early Stages of Product Life Cycle
Focus on raising awareness of competetive advantage
Communication and Advertising
Inform Consumers about Benefits
Persuade them to try it
Remind them of Benefits
Integrated Marketing Communication
Delivering a consistent message "open your minds,being yourself and lead to the smart fashion"

Utilizing a premium site to display a smart car

Social media (Facebook, Youtube)

Strengthening Smart's position as the leader in mid-size car
Target market
Distribution channel
Need for to drive to and from work everyday
Easy to maneuver
Target Markets
What make you become unique
Fashion is statement, not style only.Fashion does not have to be worn casually, not outside the runway.
Fashion is
an art of personal self-expression, not an
excuse to
be pretty, popular and charismatic.
You are handsome
You are beautiful
Your car is luxury, is ... the top
Where are you?
Don't turn back with Who you are…

Sit tight, fasten your seat belt and enjoy a fashionable smart ride with us!!!
Phan Thy Nhan
Kanchana Singh
Kanchana Thonghor
Nilukshika Mendis Abeysekera
Joo Yeon Lee
Lahoussine Romain
Urban Commuters

Individuals between 18-45 years old
Upper middle-income to high-income

Busy lifestyle, arts enthusiast, community minded, and fashion conscious
Buying luxury car in order to maintain their positions, and reflect social values/ positions
Distribution channel
Selling direct:
via mail order, Internet and telephone sales.

sells direct on behalf of the producer.

Business distributor
invests and sells to customer.
Smart Brabus For Two
Smart forstars
Smart roadster
Smart forvision
Smart For-Us
Promotion and Sell
Implementation, Service
SWOT analysis

Current Trends in Small Cars - Small is Big.
Boomers & half of first-time buyers under age thirty are choosing small cars.

Thai culture in “show off” behavior
Tax tariff for importing car

Five Force analysis
Hundreds of domestic and international players
Tariff is high
Product differentiation are many
Cooperate merge is on going
Industry Rivalry
Lot of choice in choosing car based on the customer demand
Threat of Substitute
Too many choices of brands & models
Buyers have no brand loyalty
Capital requirement is high
Company own distribution
Economies scale is high
Product differentiation are many
Various parts are supplied by different supplier
Market price drops
Buyer Power
Threat of Entry
Supplier Power
Smart For vision: 2M
Smart Fortwo: 1.4M
Smart Roadster: 1.7M
Barbus: from 1.7M to 2.7M
(depends on the combination)
Smart test drive
Utilizing a premium shopping town to display a smart car.
Given the Smart car many strengths and position on the product life cycle
Smart can, and will, successfully increase awareness, sales, and market share through integrated, intentional, and focused marketing communications and promotion.
Social: Bangkok- Top of the worst traffic jams cities
(Daily Post, 2012)

Road-based transport is the primary mode of travel in Bangkok

Audi, BMW, and Mercedes are the top luxury marques in Thailand. (Mercedes has the biggest market share).

A large number of German models are imported in Thailand with a view of the luxury car markets.

(Middle Sex University, 2011)

Industry Trends
Doing business successfully with Thai people requires understanding the values and beliefs of Thai society.

Family – As the cornerstone of Thai society
(Middle Sex University, 2011)

Attention to decide buying whether the product will satisfy basic needs and desires in their lives, and reflect social values/ positions.
(Communicaid Ltd. 2013)
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