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Oral Torah Timeline

Gemara Project

Alec Gelman

on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of Oral Torah Timeline

By: Alec Gelman
and Aaron Kurtz Oral Torah Timeline The Mishna is the analysis of the Tanach to help us further understand how to perform Mitzvahs that aren't stated clearly in the Tanach. The Mishna was written down by Rabi Yehudah Hanasi. Mishna Rishonim The Acharonim lived from the 16th century until present day. These are the leaders of the generation that teach us about Talmud and the Oral Torah. Acharonim For Watching Thanks Moshe Gets the entire
Oral Torah from Hashem at Har Sinai Moshe gives the Torah to Yehoshua... It keeps going down the chain. Until it reaches the Anshei K'nesset Ha' Gidolah, or the Men of the Great Assembly around the year 410 BCE The Anshei K'nesset Ha' Gidolah was made up of 120 members, among them were Sages such as Mordechai and Nechemiah, and was the major study location for Jewish life The next period is the one of the Zugot. This took place during the 2nd beit Hamikdash where pairs of teachers that lived for five generations taught the Jewish peope about Oral Torah. This time period took place during 515 BCE- 70 Ce the most famous of these are Hillel and Shamai. The Midrash Halachic is a period within the era of the Tanaim. That is the beginning point of the Tanaim. Where they began compiling the Mishna it was from 0- 200 CE. The Tanaim followed and were the writters of the Mishna. Some of the most known Tanaim were Rabi Yochanan Ben Zakai, Beit Hillel, Beit Shamai, and Rabi Yehuda Hanasi . They all go by the name Rabu because they had Smicha in Israel. This period was from about the year 0-200 CE. The Gemara is an analysis of the Mishna and explains most things that are unclear in the Mishna. The Rabbis were known as Amoraim and just some of them are Rabba, Rabi Zera, and Rami Bar Chama. The period that followed the Amoraim is the Geonim was
from 589 until 1038. They were the leaders of the academy,
and while the Amoraim interpreted the Mishna the Geonim interpreted the Gemara. The two major academies were in Sura and in Pumbedita. These Rabbis lived in the 11th -15th century.
They wrote the Shulchan Aruch and commented on the Talmud and the Tanach. The most famous ones were Rashi and Tosefot. Poskim were newt and Posek literally means "Decider"
they decided which way Mitzvot should be done according to the Talmud.
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