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Using Views and the Migrate Module for Large Data Migrations

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Lynnette Lorenzo

on 15 July 2013

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Transcript of Using Views and the Migrate Module for Large Data Migrations

Using Views and the Migrate Module
for Large Data Migrations

Who Are We?
CPX Interactive is one of the largest online media companies servicing the digital advertising market.
We serve more than 6 billion impressions a day.
Each of those impressions contains a rich subset of valuable information about the user, the market, the website, and the value of future impressions based on available dimensions.
BIG DATA + Drupal + More
Our Custom Modules
Don't be afraid to architect your own solutions!
Contribute back to the community
Share what you've learned!
Looking for work? Come join us!

By Lynnette Lorenzo
We work with BIG DATA
We use Drupal
We use numerous technologies:
+ more!
And we're hiring!
Contact us:
The Project
Create a custom Migrate Module that imports a large amount of data from an external .csv file and creates a views table.
Contributed Modules for Our Project
Views UI
Advanced help
Migrate UI
Migrate Extras
Views Table
Tell Views about our module
Create the Views Schema
Create our Views table array
Check if Views recognizes our data
Create the data fields
Export the View from Views
Migrate Module
Create our migrate module
Tell migrate about our migration
Extend the migration class
Define our csv columns
Define our csv source file
Create our table variable
Get our table schema into migrate
Map our table fields to migrate
Advanced Help - Views API
Schema API
Drupalize.me - Coding for Views
Getting Started with Migrate
Migrating to Drupal 7
*Clone the migrate_map_nasdaq table in our database
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