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School Leadership for Technology Integration

Integrating e-Learning into the G/T mathematics program in middle schools.

Michelle Krummel

on 20 August 2011

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Transcript of School Leadership for Technology Integration

Technology School Leadership Plan
for Technology Integration Teachers can use
E-Learning tools to deliver blended instruction, allowing students to investigate mathematical topics in greater depth and complexity. Differentiation plays a vital role in meeting the academic needs of advanced-level learners. By doing so, teachers provide students with tasks and activities that are inherently engaging. Leadership Theory Instructional
Leadership Resource
Provider Communicator model blended instruction in-service training address instructional concerns Intstructional
Resource Visible
Presence materials facilities budget articulate clear goals highly accessible two-way communication frequent observations highly accessible frequent contact Leadership Team Instructional Facilitator, G/T Program Secondary Resource Teacher, G/T Program Teacher, Accelerated G/T Math Program
Teacher, Algebra I G/T
Teacher, Geometry G/T Instructional Facilitator Monitoring/
Evaluating Responsibilities Resource
Teacher Teachers Knowledge of Curriculum, Instruction, & Assessment Provide feedback on student learning, effectiveness, and ease of use as an instructional tool. Ensure the aligned and intended curriculum is taught (team planning, observations). Attend technology conferences and focus attention on e-Learning technologies.

Research best practices in technology education. Involvement Curriculum, Instruction, & Assessment Focus Flexibility Resources Outreach Discipline Change Agent Develop and model effective blended instruction (learning goals, helping students acquire and integrate their knowledge, assessing student learning). Meet w/ teachers to help design curricular activities using blended instruction.

Address assessment and instructional issues. Establish concrete goals for curriculum, instruction, and assessment practices, and continually keep attention on established goals. Communicate goals to staff and formally and informally keep them in the forefront of conversations about student achievement. Attend technology conferences and focus attention on e-Learning technologies. Communicate goals to staff and formally and informally keep them in the forefront of conversations about student achievement. Respond to issues and concerns raised by staff in a direct, open, and transparent manner. Provide staff development opportunities such as key speakers or hands-on workshops. Provide sample units that can be used as a model for developing blended instruction. Ensure the implementation of the technology complies with all district and state mandates.

Be an advocate with parents, CO, and communicty. Establish routines for communication that minimize interruptions and distractions to classroom instruction. Establish procedures for dealing with inappropriate use of technology. Assess the magnitude of a change and identify levels of comfort and discomfort. Model a positive attitude. The Right Work Provide students with tasks and activities that are inherently engaging.

Provide students with feedback on their knowledge gain.

Establish and monitor specific, challenging achievement goals for each student. First-Order Change an extension of the past
fits existing paradigms
consistent with prevailing values and norms
can be implemented with existing knowledge and skills
requires resources currently available
will likely be accepted because of common agreement that the innovation is necessary Culture Affirmation Situational Awareness Optimizer Input Communication Visibility Accurately predict what could go wrong day to day.
Be aware of relationships among the staff. Celebrate success, be positive, inspire others.
Use data to illustrate progress toward goals. Celebrate accomplishments of students and teachers.
Recognize failures of the school as a whole. Frequently visit classrooms.
Be highly visible to students, parents, and teachers. Create a sense of team spirit and cooperative atmosphere.
Discuss the shared vision. Actively seek staff input.
Ask strategic questions about whether actions are aligned with school goals. Develop effictive means of communication for teachers.
Be easily accessible to teachers. Leadership Qualities Needed
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