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Trilogy University-Joe Liemandt

No description

Nguyen Nicky

on 10 March 2014

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Transcript of Trilogy University-Joe Liemandt

Trilogy University Group Members To understand Trilogy
you must understant Joe Liemandt President & CEO of Trilogy Software

-A senior Standford dropout to founded Trilogy Corp in 1989

Age:21 Liemandt used credit cards to start Trilogy

A former GE Senior executive (his faher),told him "You're a moron."

-But his father's experience convinced Joe that he would start a software company some day.

-Turned college recruiting into an art form. Esther 99660014 Belize
Nicky 99490585 Vietnam
Erico 01490611 Switzerland
Jacky 98493686 Vietnam
Ray 98422134 Taiwan
Luna 99490542 Korea
Uugana 99490594 Mongolia
Li Ming 98270225 Malaysia Table of Content - Introduction of Trilogy
- Joe Liemandt
- Trilogy University
- Q&A
- Conclusion Video Introduction - A fast growing soft-ware company
-Provides: soft-ware solutions to giant global firms for improving sales & performance.

-Employees: Firm employs about 700 passionate people.
Annual Revenues:$100-200 million
-Subsidiaries: Versata & Artemis software (2006)

-Firm Value: Over $1 billion
-Trilogy reviews 15,000 resumes
-Conducts 4,000 interviews
-Hired 262 college graduates-account over a third of current employees
-Cost to hire $13,000- recruiter Jeff believes it is worth every penny. Trilogy -Famous for it's Trilogy University program

-A company with the long-term value of importing brainpower

- "At a software company, people are everything."
Joe Liemandt -One of the fastest-growing and craziest software company.

-A place where new employees cram all day,
and work all night. The best thing about working at Trilogy? Sport cars & Cash were awarded

e.g Liemandt, takes the entire company
all-expenses paid trip to Hawaii.

Grueling intervirviews but end in mountain biking,
rollerblading, or laser tag.

Even executives flyout to meet prospects who couldn't make the trip. Headquarter: Austin Texas, USA Trilogy Products Clients Trilogy Headquarters: Austin Texas, USA Provides software services, especially in the automotive, consumer electronics, insurance and financial services, technology, telecommunication and media... Global 100 Firms -Ford Motor Company
-Travelers Insurance
-IBM China Office India Office Strengths:
1. Trilogy's renewal and transformation
2. TUers were more likely to have significant impact in the company
3. TUers were empowered to creative and spontaneity
4. Enhancing the retention of high quality staff while encouraging low performers to leave Conclusion Trilogy's Boot Camp
= Everyone has Impact! Trilogy University Source:Trilogy Uiversity 2002, Delang J.J & Michael P Source: Chuck Shelter. 1998, Insanity. Inc. Fast Company Insanity Inc. Source: Livelyhood-Trilogy Software Segment Youtube. Source:Trilogy Company, 2012 Wikipedia Source:www.Trilogy.com Source:Trilogy Company 2012. wikipedia Traditional Orientation
=No Effect Change! "You have to engage everyone in your team, be under their skin, so they end up knowing they can and must, have impact."
Joe Liemandt Source: Noel M. 2001 No Ordinary Boot Camp. Harvard Business Review - A virtuous cycle between section leader & TUers.

-Encourage business units association with recruiting & Training

-Tension always exist in the company and no matter if you are TU or not everyone is treated fairly.

- Training programs should be sponsored not only Liemandt, but also his senior management team. Q1: Who is the CEO? A1: Joe Liemandt Q2: What is the purpose of
Trilogy University?
(a.) It's a good University.

(b.) Designed to push the new recruits to their limits. A2: Designed to push the new recruits to their limits. Q3: Why Trilogy company recruits mostly from the campuses?? A3: Low Cost & Most creative. Q5 Why TU is different from the other traditional orientation programs? Trilogy's Boot Camp
=Everyone has Impact! Traditional Orientation Program
=No Effect Changes A5: Everyone has an IMPACT >< What kind of people that Trilogy mostly hire? Q4 Brief
- Trilogy University is where new graduates from real universities, who are typically aged in their early twenties, go through a three-month program.
- Trilogy University recruiting process runs twice a year. In the summer, it currently includes 170 to 200 hires, and in the winter about 60, all coming straight from campus
-Structured to take students through a well-thought-out process to develop skills, relationships, and values.
- Served a unique function within Trilogy by transforming recently recruited undergraduates into Trilogians. Strengths and weaknesses Weaknesses:
1. High cost for running TU

2. Tension between graduate TUers and existing employees
3. Risk taking and suffering the unknown consequences
4. High head-hunting and turnover rates the orientation program Started: in 1995
Brainchild: Joe Liemandt and John Price
Designed: to push the new recruits to their limits
Recruit: all from colleges Only recruit the best Trilogy understand that the key to grow fast is to hire the best people TU structure three high pressure months instruction track TUers were constantly measured and evaluated Section leaders TUers claim that going through this process likes cramming a year of college into three months Big talks with Liemandt and other Trilogy Stars TUers' projects TUers' responsibilities of inventing the firm's products, create the business model and develop marking plans
Final decision: Joe Liemandt
Survive rate: 15% of the projects what did they learn in TU? team work value bonding skills success = solving customers' problems Hangzhou Banglagore A4: Students
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