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The Ecology of the Spoken Word Background Information

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MIchael Uzendoski

on 22 March 2013

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Transcript of The Ecology of the Spoken Word Background Information

Michael A. Uzendoski / Edith Calapucha
The Ecology of the Spoken Word
Relation of Literacy to Origins of Our Species (the Humans) The BOOK AND COMPANION Website There have been 100 or so literature traditions in human history (production and consumption of texts like books).

Oral versus Literate Cultures Orality is for "primitives" Stereotypes about Orality http://spokenwordecology.com/ Source: John Miles Foley (2002), How to Read an Oral Poem, University of Illinois Press. Today there are approximately 78 literate traditions in the modern world There are over 7,100 known languages whose speakers practice orality and storytelling Many of these languages and their traditions are in the process of disappearing Once people are exposed to literacy, they embrace it and drop orality Orality is less complex than literacy Orality is non-textual and oral cultures don't have "writing"
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