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No description

Saffanah Liaqath

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of GM CA2

Presented by:
Chong Keat Ying
Diana Toh
Ravin Kaur
Saffanah Liaqath PRESENTED BY Target Market
Persona Environmental Analysis Political
Product Design Strategy

International Pricing
Conclusion Objective Scope Political Economic Social Technological Family background Interest Job: Clerk in a law firm
Long working hours
Irregular eating time
A lot of sitting down Core
Packaging Middle child of 3 siblings
Father: Engineer
Mother: Homemaker
Parents urging her to get married Cooking, baking, traveling
Took yoga to lose weight,
failed Core Packaging Distribution Channel: Distributor Cost Control Coverage Character Barries to Advertising Promotional Campaigns Corporate rate:
Income exceeding Rp 100m is 30% Different Organisation, Different rates Food into Indonesia:
Requires health inspection certificate International trade regulations
and restrictions Approval by the FDA if it uses recycled packaging Food Advertising Law Real GDP Growth 6.5% in 2011
Expected to increase by 6.4% in 2012 Inflation Rate 2011: 5.4%
2012: 4.5% Increase in disposable income
level The country’s disposable income per capita increased by 6.9% in real terms in 2012 and totaled Rp19,751 thousand (US$2,105) in that year. Target Market 20-40 years old
Male, Especially female Rising consumer expenditure Rose by 6.0% in 2012 Growing no. of middle class The number of middle class households (annual income of over US$3,000) has more than doubled since 2006 Beauty Increasing awareness of the “price of beauty “and are paying more attention to their appearance. Obesity Rate 67% of Jakartans are obese or overweight Color Convenience is key Always on-the-go New PET bottle standards Create thinner neck finishes
Material reduction of 1.8g per bottle New Packaging Machines Able to pack carbonated, non-carbonated and hot drink filled PET bottles into crates at speeds of up to 60 crates a minute. Core product - Physical product Slim Spa Slim and Detox tea in Peach and Lemon flavour Decision Criteria: Market Condition Huge potential for slimming teas as
Indonesia has a long history of drinking tea

Women becoming more beauty conscious, spending more on slimming and beauty products (Euromonitor, 2012)

Obesity rate of 16.8% (2011) Slim and Detox Tea (Bottled) Decision criteria: Cost & Benefits relationship

Additional cost incurred for the manufacturing of bottled drinks.

Benefit will over-weigh cost as there is a large consumer market in Jakarta, Indonesia (10m) Design Feature Decision Criteria: Market Conditions More middle class and working households seeking for convenience products.

The design of our products will bring convenience to our targeted market

(Require simple or no preparations) Slim Spa Tea (Box of tea bags)

Design allows for:

Easy preparation of tea
Easy disposal of tea bags Slim Spa Tea (Bottled form)

To be consumed directly from the bottle Functional Features Stimulate whole body weight loss by burning five times more calories than normal tea.

Provides positive benefits to the body such as detoxifying & cleaning, facilitating cholesterol reduction and increasing energy

Improves skin condition Decision Criteria: Market Conditions There is an increasing trend of obesity, and beauty conscious ladies.

Our slimming teas would help to tackle their problems

Able to promote weight loss effects whilst improving their health conditions simultaneously. Packaging Component Customization will be used when introducing our product into the Indonesian market

-Legal requirements
-Cost & benefits relationship
-Market conditions Packaging - Labeling Legal requirements

Specific laws passed on packaging of imported goods (Food and drinks)

-To contain a health inspection certificate
-Packaging to be in Bahasa Indonesia
-Halal sign to be on the product package Packaging Component 24 tea bags in each box

500ml for bottled tea

Featuring information:
-Key ingredients that give the tea its taste and effects-Benefits of the tea-Step-by-step instructions along with pictures on how to prepare the tea Reasons for customizations Market development : increase in disposable income levels

-Economic growth in Indonesia from 2011- 2020; increase in purchasing power, etc
-Can introduce a new feature – individual plastic layer for each tea bag
-More security for the tea bags when they are carried out individually, put in bags, etc
-Adds to convenience for our consumers as they can carry out individual tea bags when they head out Packaging Color Market conditions – cultural beliefs

Green is the main colour in the Islamic religion.

88.1% of the population is Indonesia is made up of Muslims.
Original packaging colour is in green Packaging Content Change of Model Market Conditions: Cultural Beliefs Product respects and adheres to their religious beliefs “Muslim women are obliged to dress modestly according to their religious beliefs, therefore, the model used on the packaging will be one that is dressed appropriately and not revealing her body.” Webpage Facebook Most popular social media in Indonesia
Active users: 38.8 million
Help create awareness Twitter Active Users: 5.7 million Billboards Dimension: 10 x 30 m

Cost per month: approx. SGD$1200 per month on one billboard

Estimated to have about 2000 billboards in Jakarta Her World Magazine Popular among the ladies aged between 24- 50 years old.
Whole magazine will be in Bahasa Indonesia
Readership in Indonesia: 300,000
Approximate cost: SGD $700/ month Newspaper Daily weekday circulation: 500,000
Weekend Circulation: 600,000
Estimated cost: SGD800 TV Ad
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