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Club Penguin

Hi this is my presentation about club penguin or CP for short

Club Penguin Broadcast

on 10 April 2013

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Transcript of Club Penguin

Club Penguin C.P By: Talha Ahmed Gondal Mascots/Famous Penguins Players in Club Penguin, Can Search for Mascots or Famous Penguins during special parties and events. The Name Of The Characters are Rockhopper, Aunt Arctic, Gary, Cadence, Stompin Bob, Franky, G Billy, Petey K, Sensei, Rookie, Puffle Handler (PH), Herbert P. Bear, and CeCe and Rocky from Shake It Up. These penguins are controlled by Club Penguin Team, and when a player is in a room with one of these penguins, they get a special stamp and can click on the mascots to earn a background. In their player card, the penguins can add mascots as a friend . However, when viewing their stamp book or any of the other modes, a penguin could do it from their own player card. DJ Cadence Stompin Bob, Petey K,
G Billy and Franky , also
know as the Penguin Band Sensei Rockhopper Herbert P Bear Rocky and Cece Gary The
Gadget Guy Aunt Arctic Introduction Hello. Im here to tell you about Club Penguin. I hope you enjoy. If any comments, please ask me after the presentation. I will talk about the mascots, puffles, child safety, games, coins, memberships and the books! I hope you enjoy !! :D About Club Penguin Club Penguin was made on October 24, 2005 and has expanded into a large online game in the history of online multiplayer growing by late 2007, it was claimed that Club Penguin had over 30 million user accounts. While free memberships are available, paid memberships which allow players to access a variety of additional features, such as purchasing virtual clothing, furniture, and in-game pets called puffles for their penguins through the use of in-game currency. The success of Club Penguin led to New Horizon being purchased by The Walt Disney Company in August 2007 for the sum of 350 million dollars, with an additional 350 million dollars in bonuses should specific targets be met by 2009. This is the community
in Club Penguin ( C.P ) Rookie Note: Made For Fun!!!
:D Puffles Puffles are small, fluffy creatures that players can have as pets. They are available from the Pet Shop in blue, green, pink, black, purple, red, yellow, white, orange, and brown varieties. Non-members have access to the blue and red puffles only, and may have no more than two, unless the restriction is unlocked by a game code; members may adopt up to twenty puffles. Non-members may enter a code for an additional puffle after purchasing a toy on the Treasure Book. Members whose membership has expired are permitted to keep their puffles, but they cannot replace them once they have run away. Puffles used to have health, rest, and energy bar charts to indicate their status, before Club Penguin changed it to a more Flash intensive view. Puffles which are not looked after will run away from the player, and will need to be replaced. Regular Puffles The New 2013
Rainbow Puffle Child safety Lane Merrifield Club Penguin is for the ages of 6–14. One of the major concerns when designing Club Penguin was how to improve both the safety of participants and the suitability of the game to children. As the decision to build Club Penguin grew out of a desire to create a fun, virtual world that I and the site's other two founders would feel safe letting our own children visit. As a result, Club Penguin has maintained a strong focus on child safety, to the point whereby the security features have been described as almost fastidious and reminiscent of an Orwellian dystopia ,although it has also been argued that this focus may reassure more parents than it alienates.
The system employs a number of different approaches in an attempt to improve child safety. The key approaches include preventing the use of inappropriate usernames, providing an Ultimate Safe Chat mode, which limits players to selecting phrases from a list, using an automatic filter during Standard Safe Chat which allows users to generate their own messages and blocks profanity even when users employ creative methods to insert it into sentences, filtering seemingly innocuous terms, such as mom, and blocking both telephone numbers and email addresses It also includes employing paid moderators; out of 100 staff employed in the company in May 2007, Merrifield estimated that approximately 70 staff were dedicated to policing the game. It also includes promoting users to EPF Elite Penguin Force Agent status, and encouraging them to report inappropriate behavior.
Each game server offers a particular type of chatthe majority allowing either chat mode, but some servers allow only the Ultimate Safe Chat mode. When using Standard Safe Chat, all comments made by users are filtered. When a comment is blocked, the user who made the comment sees it, but other users are unaware that it was made, suggesting to the speaker that they are being ignored, rather than encouraging them to try and find a way around the restriction.
Beyond these primary measures, systems are in place to limit the amount of time spent online, and the site does not feature any advertisements, for, as described by Merrifield, within two or three clicks, a kid could be on a gambling site or an adult dating site, Nevertheless, after Club Penguin was purchased by Disney, concerns were raised that this state of affairs may change, especially in regard to potential spinoff products although Disney has continued to insist that it believes advertising to be inappropriate for a young audience,
Players who use profanity are often punished by an automatic 24-hour ban, although not all vulgar language results in an immediate ban. Players found by moderators to have broken Club Penguin rules are punished by a ban lasting from 24 hours to forever depending on the offence . Lance Priebe Founders Books In honor of Club Penguin's third anniversary in 2008, Club Penguin released books that are published under the Snowball Press name. Outside of the virtual world, include guidebooks for the game as well as choose your own adventure style books. The series includes, the ultimate official guide to club penguin, star reporter, the official stage play book, the great puffle switch, the awesome official guide to club penguin, dancing with cadence, card jitsu handbook, club penguin official anuual 2012, before card jitsu the quest, puffle whisper, club penguin official annual 2013, ph s great puffle search, agent rookie secret mission. Star Reporter The Ultimate official
guide to club penguin the official stage play book the great puffle switch the awesome official guide
to club penguin dancing with cadence card jitsu handbook club penguin official anuual 2012 before card jitsu the quest puffle whisperer club penguin official annual 2013 ph s great puffle search agent rookie secret miisiom Thanks !!!
Please Subscribe and Like on my channel! CpBroadcast Bye Games In Club Penguin, there are lots of activity's you can do such as playing games. Games are in every place you go to such as the coffee shop which there is bean counter. Dance club where there is the dance contest, and many more games hidden around the island. One of the most popular games are Card Jitsu, Card Jitsu Fire and Water and soon there will be Card Jitsu Snow located in the dojo hide out which is only for the members, not for the non members. Can You Guess who
He Is ? Card Jitsu Fire Card Jitsu Water Dave Krysko Puffle Handler
(Ph) Membership What Price's are the membership? 1 Month - $7.95
6 Month's - $39.95
12 Month's - $59.95

6 Month Online - $5.95 per year
12 Month Online - $7.95 per year What Place's can you buy memberships at ? Target, Walmart, EB Games, Shoppers Drug Mart, and many other store that carry games in store's What Kind of advantages of membership's are their? You will get full advantage to club penguin such as

Buy clothing and accessories
Buy igloo upgrades, locations and furniture
Adopt up to 20 puffles, in any color
Access all game levels
Get into exclusive rooms during parties
Get more free items during parties Coins are the master control to club
penguin. You can get everything you want
just by using coins in Cp. You can get coins
by playing games, being a tour guide or even
a elite penguin which is in the EPF. There are
lots of accessories in Club Penguin such as
buying clothes,puffles and lots of igloo furniture.
Just collect coins to buy accessories. Coin's
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