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Say "hi" to Adam

A little intro about me.

adam saynuk

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Say "hi" to Adam

Say "hi" to Adam. top 5 things you should know about me I sold my first design and illustration 18 years ago I am a professional photographer on the side I had a life-altering experience participating in Project M My kids have logged more air miles in their 4 and 5 years than my parents have in a lifetime (It was a t-shirt for the Baltimore Folk Music Society) more? (Among babies, product photos, and my art photography, I also get to shoot the annual Hoboken Dog Parade!)
(Our project, Pie Lab, is a socially positive gathering place in rural Alabama, and also happens to be nominated for a James Beard award. Fingers crossed!)
Junior Designer > Senior Designer
1998 - 2001 Low+Associates Art Director > Head of Marketing > Creative Director
Managed the Marketing Group supporting revenue growth from $80mm to $120mm
Managed the brand through many acquisitions and the IPO in 2008.
2001 - Present RiskMetrics Group Design, Photography, Illustration, Web, Flash, Print
1992 - Present Freelance Designer more? Everything I've Ever Made http://www.studiosaynuk.com http://blog.everythingiveevermade.com StudioSaynuk.com http://studiosaynuk.blogspot.com/ Volvere - My graphic novel in development http://volverecomic.blogspot.com/ Thinktree - The blog I sometimes update more? Free Pie! PieLab Free Pie! inspired PieLab, an actual storefront in one of the poorest counties in America, Hale County, Alabama.

PieLab sells great pie and coffee, asks for a conversation in return, and is the hub of a series of creative programs building industry and income back into this depressed region.
http://pielab.org My Project M created Free Pie!, a popup pie shop event where we gave out free slices of pie to anyone who stopped by. We found the social interaction encouraged by Free Pie! could be a valuable tool to approach a variety of social challenges. Project M Project M is a workshop for designers and other creatives who want to engage in socially responsible projects. Project M is founded on a creative approach called Think Wrong which helps participants solve problems from new and innovative directions.
http://projectmlab.com I moved to New York nine years ago (Where I was hired as an art director
> headed the marketing group
> then took on a creative director position)
My Project M Application http://studiosaynuk.com/draw_nothing/index.html Closing Letter Dear Prezi,

I am applying for the Marketing Director position at Prezi's office in San Francisco.

I first came upon Prezi while redeveloping the corporate sales presentation deck at RiskMetrics Group. I teamed with another designer in our marketing group and began exploring how to pitch Prezi as the right platform for communicating our company's products, services and value proposition to prospective clients.

We built a fun, friendly walkthrough outlining a new approach for discussions with prospective clients about RiskMetrics. We used Prezi to push outside the boundaries of RiskMetrics' comfort zone in order to completely differentiate us from competitors. While our initial approach to the content was eventually scaled back to something more, ahem, conservative, we did make the case for further development using Prezi as our presentation platform of choice for sales meetings with prospects.

The reasons were simple:
› Using Prezi in the right way makes for an extremely memorable presentation.

›My design team explored interesting uses of Flash within Prezis, adding instructive information to the discussion, without having to resort to bullet points.

› We centralized the Prezis at one access point, which allowed a small team to control the way the messaging is constructed. Our head of sales was concerned about too many salespeople "going off script" among the wilds of Powerpoint, and some major messages about our services were easily missed in the sales meetings with prospects. Also, a centralized and consistent presentation in Prezi allowed for easier training of new salespeople.

› Prezi helped us illustrate complex business and technical processes with a few clicks in a way that is impossible for Powerpoint and more effective.

› Everyone who saw the new Prezi was impressed and excited about it.

My experience in the financial industry is about as "business" as it can get, in my opinion. And I see Prezi as a tool that can really help change business communication for the better.

I know there is a growing community of artists, designers, creatives, startups and technologists exploring Prezi. These, in my opinion, are the scouts. They are trying it out, kicking the tires, giving feedback in order to make the product better.

I think the real challenge is how to grow the user base out of the early adopters and into the much larger pool of innovative prisoners. Allow me to explain this term.

I believe there are many others like myself, in the business world, who detest the typical tools of business supplied by Microsoft. People who feel their communication abilities are hampered by email, by Word, Powerpoint, Excel... These people are the ones who, given the chance, will present to a group using only one slide. Or none at all. Or just a photo, or a few sketches.

The innovative prisoners are all around us in the business world contained inside the beige corporate box of security and conformity. This is why my aforementioned head of sales was seeing divergence from the "script." The innovative prisoners at RiskMetrics Group (of which there are many) were making their own presentations to bypass the agreed and vetted official sales pitch. They were customizing for their own presentation style, but their results were clunky and unprofessional.

Prezi allowed me at RiskMetrics to offer a presentation which gave salespeople the freedom to stop on a "slide;" choose to discuss some content further, deeper, closer; and then continue on with the narrative, without diverging from the agreed overall messaging. This is a powerful idea, since the sales team sells best in each of their individual ways.

We also observed areas for improvement and challenges that need to be resolved using Prezi in a corporate environment. I am eager to discuss these observations and opportunities with you at your earliest convenience.

I hope to speak with you soon!
Adam Saynuk › saynuk@mac.com

http://homepage.mac.com/saynuk/resume-april2010.pdf (They tell me staying still is boooring!)
more? sugar packing foam bell pepper seeds tap water in motion http://morningmacro.studiosaynuk.com MorningMacro - my art microphotography
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