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Jason Baker and James Alejandro

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lib hist

on 11 September 2015

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Transcript of Jason Baker and James Alejandro

Jason Baker and James Alejandro
Kyle Carpenter
Corporal Kyle Carpenter of the US Marine Corps, is the eighth livini Medal of Honor recipient for his actions in Iraq or Afghanistan. He was a Automatic Rifleman with the 1st Marine Expeditionary Force. On November 21, 2010, during Operation Enduring Freedom, while joining his team to fight off a Taliban Attack in a small villagem he threw himself on top of an enemy grenade to protect a gellow Marine, Lance Corporal Nick Eufrazio. Corporal Kyle Carpenter sustained multiple shrapnel wounds and loss his right eye. On June 19, 2014, Coroporal Kyle Carpenter reveived the Medal of Honor at the hand of President Obama, at a ceremony in the White House.
Mervyn S. Bennion
Captain Mervyn Sharp Bennion of the US Navy recieved his Medal of Honor due to his actions during the Japanese invasion of Pearl Harbor. Mervyn S. Bennion was awarded the Medal of Honor due to the devotion of duty, extraordinary courage, and complete disregard of his own life, and above the call of duty, during the invasion of Pearl Harbor. Capt. Mervyn Sharp Bennion was Commanding Officer of the USS West Virginia, after being mortally wounded, Capt. Bennion's only concern only fighting and saving his ship, and strongly disagreed on leaving his ship,
Ed Freeman
Captain Ed Freeman of the United States Army served in the Vietnam war as a flight leader and second in command of a 16 -helicopter lift unit, and he supported a heavily engaged American unit in the la Drang Valley. The unit was almost out of ammo after taking some of the most casuaulties of the war, fighting off a relentless attack and being outnumbered almost 8-1. Captain Freeman did not follow the infantry commander's orders to not land by risking his life by flying his unarmed helicopter through intense heavy fire to rescue the infantry battalion. Capt. Ed Freeman flew 14 different in his military career. At first, he was awarded the Distinguished flying cross, but on July 16, 2001, he was awarded the Medal of honor by President George W. Bush
Richard Ira Bong
Major Richard "Dick" Ira Bong was the United States' high scoring air ace, having shot down at least 40 Japanese Aircraft during World War II. He was a pilot in the US Army Air Forces and a Medal of Honor Recipient due to his aerial victories in the Lockheed P-38 lightning fighter. Major Bong later became a test pilot assigned to Lockheed's Burbank California, plant, where he flew P-80 shooting star jet fighters at the Air terminal owned by Lockheed there. On August 6, 1945, the plane's primary fuel pump malfunctioned during takeoff, he cleared away from the aircraft but it was too low for a parachute to deploy, the plane crashed into a narrow field resulting in his death. General MacRthur presented the Medal of Honor to Major Bong on December 12, 1944.
Similarities and Differences
All four of these recipients had in common that they all risked their lives for a greater cause, the freedom of the American people and the success of liberty. The four also showed courage in the face of danger even though they could not return home. A difference between the four of them is that Captain Ed freeman and Corporal Kyle Carpenter recieved their medals at the hand of the US President at the time, Captain Bebbion was awarded posthumously, and Major Richard Ira Bong was awarded at the hands of General MacArthur on the Tacloban Airfield.
Medal of Honor Recipients
Our opinion
In our opinion, we believe that the brave men and women who have fought for the people of the United States, risked their lives, and have done selfless acts for the lives of others, deserve the medal of honor because they have given up themselves for others and have showed courage in the face of danger.
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