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Digital Content Strategy

Digital Content Strategy

Katrina Stanton

on 7 October 2013

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Transcript of Digital Content Strategy

econsultancy | katrina stanton
Digital Content Strategy
‘Content 2020’ for Coca-Cola
Today we will cover...
“The practice of planning for Content creation, delivery, and governance.”
Kristina Halvorson
What is content strategy?
“... it’s the role of a content strategist to assist a company in pulling all these disparate elements together into a single harmonising approach to digital content which balances its commercial objectives with its customers’ information needs...

...and to devise ways to do all this which are sustainable, practically applicable, on-brand, legal, search-engine friendly and usable.”

Sticky Content
What is the role of a content strategist?
of b2b marketers consider content marketing the most important part of their online marketing strategy
Content marketing by numbers
Jonathan Mildenhall, VP Global Advertising Strategy and Creative Excellence, recently stated that:

“All advertisers need a lot more content so that they can keep the engagement with consumers fresh and relevant, because of the 24/7 connectivity.”

Coca-Cola needs to:
move from creative excellence to content excellence
develop content that makes a commitment to making the world a better place and to develop value and significance in people’s lives
whilst driving business objectives for Coca-Cola, to provoke conversations and earn a disproportionate share of popular culture
Defining content strategy
Online good & bad examples
Content & design
Quantitative & qualitative audits
Plain English
Tone of voice, personality & brand
Formats, execution & guidelines
Why do we need content strategy?
“Google’s Panda update is designed to give quality Content a higher search profile.”

“More emphasis is being putting on content, rather than other techniques such as spammy link building strategies.”
marketers say ‘lack of time’ is their biggest social media challenge, following by ‘creating original content’ (28%)
growth in content predicted for 2012, for a market already worth £880 million
Typical content strategy activities
Brand strategy
Comparative content analysis
Competitor content audit
Content and messaging strategy
Content approval workflow
Content assessment
Content audit (qualitative)
Content audit (quantitative)
Conversion/migration strategy
Content flow schematic
Content gap analysis
Format development
Tone of Voice guidelines
Content inventory
Content licensing evaluation
Content management system
Content migration plan
Content model
Content production schedule
Quality assurance tools
Content style guide (to include brand, format, usage, and legal requirements)
Copy deck
Editorial workflow
Idea generation
Execution guidelines for content types
Editorial calendar
Editorial strategy
Gap analysis
Language guidelines
Message map
Metadata framework
Metadata strategy
Page tables
SEO/PPC strategy
Site map
Style guide
Terms of Use
7 step content strategy process
Content strategy process
Think of the internet as a museum...
‘For a long time, we’ve considered digital
objects such as articles, slideshows, and video
to be short-lived. But today, more and more
sites can be considered institutions that house
evergreen assets —

they collect,


attend to

and create themed content packages

that together, offer a unique perspective.’

The Content Strategist as Digital Curator, Erin Scime
1. Content without clarity
What are the problems facing content?
2. Volume of content online
2. Volume of content online
3. Content sign-off
Real life dilemma: airport staff strike
How should this be communicated to customers who have bought plane tickets?
"Content precedes design.
Design in the absence of content is not design, it's decoration."
If you write for everybody, you write for no-one
2. Volume of content online
2. Volume of content online
Content & design
2. Volume of content online
The importance of user profiling
2. Volume of content online
2. Volume of content online
Quantitative & Qualitative Audits
Effective digital copy is 7 things
Easy to navigate
In everyday English
In its brand tone of voice
Case study: Jamie's Italian
Plain english
2. Volume of content online
2. Volume of content online
2. Volume of content online
Case study: DLNA
What is DLNA?
Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) is an association which promotes the standardizing activity for achieving interactive connectivity in the digital era by developing the guidelines for data (picture and music) transfer across a home network.
2. Volume of content online
Tone of voice, personality and brand
Case study: Disney
A vacation at a Walt Disney World Resort Hotel is surprisingly affordable. And our hotels offer outstanding benefits designed to provide our Guests with a convenient, hassle-free and relaxing stay:
Disney Resort hotel Guests can save up to 30% per adult on dining with the purchase of a Disney Dining Plan. Convenient dining plans allow Guests to choose from over 100 select restaurants throughout the Walt Disney World Resort!
Case study: John Lewis
Thank you
Thank you for entering our luxury experience competition.
If you’ve recommended friends, they’ve been sent an invitation to enter the competition.

You have received an extra entry into the competition for each friend you have recommended too.
Get the form, get the content
“The ability to recognize documents – almost instantaneously – enhances a user's interaction with documents and makes document use more efficient. Typically people rely on signalling devices to help with the reading process as well as comprehension. Many of these
signalling devices are dictated by the document genre.

Because the form takes on a distinctive visual appearance, document form essentially represents the shape of a document.

Ultimately, t
he unique shape triggers a user's mental model of that class of genre.
In interpreting the shape, a user develops a set of expectations about the document without first having to read the semantic content.”

Elaine G Toms, Recognizing Digital GenreWorking formats
Working formats
2. Volume of content online
Repeatable, recognisable, web-friendly formats support:
content planning/strategy
multiple authorship efficiency
The business case for digital copy formats
Formats & execution guidelines
Tone of voice checklist
In summary...
"everyone's a publisher" = digital content strategist
Suggested Adido content packages
Content production
Content optimisation
Content auditing
Content planning
Content formats & samples
Training, consultancy & workshops
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