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Why do dogs eat homework?

No description

Karen Callis

on 10 November 2015

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Transcript of Why do dogs eat homework?

Why do dogs eat homewoke?
Why do dogs eat homwork?
Dogs are known to be indiscrimnate eaters
with healthy apptites. This means dogs will eat about anything. Another reason they eat homework is
when they are bored it will give into natural curiosity
and explore new things. When they're bored they
they also do scratching, biting,and eating. Also dogs just think paper is another thing to chew on.
Why do dogs chase their tails?
Why do dogs drool?
Drool of course is saliva which you know as dog spit. Dogs have four pairs of salivary gland that drain in the mouth. A dogs saliva helps it swallow food. When saliva spits out of a dogs mouth we say the dog is drooling. Some breedsa are known for drooling
and those breeds are St. Bernards, Blood Hounds, Bulldogs, Masttiffs, and Basset hounds. When a dogs anticipates a treat the salivary kicks in. While the dog is waiting for the treat for saliva comes out.
Why do dogs eat homework?

Ella Willis
They can case their tails instead of eating our homework. They chase their tail because it is a natural behavior.Some people believe that chasing your tail is simply a form of play that puppies enage
in when they have free time. When dogs get bored which happens frequently with puppies chasing that wagging tail back there can seem like quite the cure of boredom. We often wonder what will happen when they catch their tail. One snap of there teeth is probaly
enough to teach them their tail is sertently attched to
their bodies.
maybe I
should eat his

Here are some more pictures
of dogs
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