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The Future of Us

No description

Alika Lopatka

on 16 December 2012

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Transcript of The Future of Us

By Jay Asher & Carolyn Mackler Setting: Conflicts: Plot: - While on Facebook, Emma discovers her friend Kellan has a fourteen year old daughter fifteen years in the future, meaning Kellan would become pregnant soon making Emma worry about her friend's dreams of becoming a doctor not come true! Josh Templeton - 1996 - Josh and Emma are unsure if Facebook is a hoax someone made up or an actual look at their futures fifteen years later. - Josh receives a free trial CD-Rom for AOL in the mail and brings it over to his old best friend, Emma's house because he knows she is setting up her new computer that her dad sent her. However, it is awkward for Emma and Josh to be in her bedroom because Josh almost kissed her six months before and she rejected him. - Emma tracks down her first future husband and calls him making sure she will never meet him by deciding to go to a different college than him. Josh gets mad that Emma could have seriously altered his future, while Emma gets mad because Josh does not understand how unhappy she is in her future while Josh has this beautiful life. However, their argument is interrupted when Emma gets and instant message from Sydney asking for Josh's number. They both realize Josh may be altering the future the future too by getting to know Sydney before he really would have. The Future of Us Characters: Emma Nelson Kellan Steiner Emma's best girlfriend who is outgoing
and aspires to be a doctor someday.
She has shiny, black hair and perfect skin. Tyson Overmyer Main Characters: Supporting Characters: Nice, but shyer than other boys and has been friends with Emma since they were kids. He has has floppy red-blonde hair, a shy smile, is nearly six feet tall, and is a sophomore. When Josh is in a relationship, he is looking for love and a lasting commitment so he does not date much. He has had a crush on Emma for a long time. She cares for her friends well-beings and will look out for her true friends. She is secure in who she is without having a boyfriend. When she is in a relationship, she is never fully committed and is waiting for the right guy to come. Emma has been best friends with Josh since they were kids. She has curly, brown hair, brown eyes, she runs track, and is a
junior. Sydney Mills She is a popular, pretty, rich girl who seems to have everything. She has a car and her own cell phone, which was not too common at the time. As a result of Facebook, Josh decides to date Sydney because in the future they are supposed to be married. She has long, brown hair, light brown eyes, and is one of the best athletes at Lake Forest High School. Josh's best guy friend who has a funny and carefree attitude. He is described by Josh and Emma to be the exact opposite of Kellan. His dad owns a pizza place where Josh, Emma, Tyson, and Kellan would always hang out. Him and Josh love skateboarding together. - Central Pennsylvania - Lake Forest High School Themes: My Recommendation: - Emma's bedroom - Bonfire on the beach - Josh and Emma discover that the decisions they make in the present will cause changes to their futures. - Josh and Emma must keep Facebook a secret from everyone else because of what Facebook tells them about the futures. - Josh and Emma have been best friends since childhood, however six months before Facebook came, Josh tried to kiss Emma and she rejected him, making it awkward for them while they try to figure out Facebook together. - Josh discovers on Facebook that he is supposed to marry Sydney Mills, the popular, rich, pretty girl, but when he gets to know her better, he finds that Sydney and him have nothing in common. Josh is also still having trouble with getting over the feelings he has for Emma. - Emma discovers on Facebook that in the future, as well as the present, that she is never truly happy or committed in her relationships and is having a hard time finding the right guy for herself. Also, Emma is worried about her friend, Kellan, because according to Facebook, Kellan may become a single, teen mom and Emma does not want Kellan to ruin her dreams of becoming a doctor. - Josh and Emma are both struggling with their feelings and at the same time have to deal with the problems Facebook causes them. What did you think of the book? Would you recommend it to other students? I thought The Future of Us was a good read. I have also read Jay Asher's other book, Thirteen Reasons Why, which was also well worth reading. I really enjoyed reading the book. There was a lot of foreshadowing and suspense that kept me intrigued to continue reading. One of my favorite parts of the book is when Emma discovers that she can no longer log on to Facebook because her future self closed her Facebook account. That scene in the book created a lot of suspense and foreshadowed Emma realizing what she was missing in the past. However, the only fault in the book was how it ended because the authors solved all the problems within a few pages when the resolutions could have been elaborated on and made a little clearer. I would recommend this book to other students because I believe they would enjoy the book as well. The book relates to everyday problems of high school life. Also, students would enjoy the suspense of this book and how the book keeps the reader interested after each page. This book would be great for girls or guys looking for a good young adult fiction book. - the actions people make in the present can affect their future and the futures of others - people do not realize what they have until they have lost it Ways theme was developed:
1) How the Characters Acted - After Josh and Emma discovered Facebook, they started to act differently because of what they saw in their futures. Emma started to worry about Kellan, who according to Facebook, would become pregnant as a teen. She also makes decisions to change her future husbands. Facebook shows Josh that he will marry the most popular girl in high school, Sydney Mills. As a result, he starts paying attention to her in school.
2) Actions - One key point during the book, was when Emma kisses Josh for no reason at all. As a result of this, Josh is no longer on her Facebook friend list in the future. Ways theme was developed:
1) Setting - Emma's bedroom was a place Josh and Emma hung out together. After Josh tried kissing Emma six months earlier, they no longer spent time together and their friendship was strained. Josh and Emma were not together at the bonfire, and they both realized they were not having fun with the people they were with.
2) Symbol - Facebook mysteriously appeared six months after Josh and Emma's friendship became strained. After showing them their futures, Emma finds she is never happy with her future husbands and Josh discovers that although he looks happy in the future, he has nothing in common with his future wife. Facebook is trying to show them that they are meant for each other. Emma and Josh don't see a future for them together because they thought their chance was lost six months ago when Emma rejected Josh and said they were just friends. - Emma and Josh discover a strange website called "Facebook" when Emma logs on to AOL. They then debate over whether Facebook is actually a real look at their lives fifteen years into the future or a hoax created by someone else. - After Josh goes home, Emma searches Facebook some more and discovers that Josh is married to Sydney Mills, the rich, pretty, popular girl at Lake Forest High School. Also, Emma starts to notice that she is not happy in her future with her husband. - At school, Emma talks to her friend, Kellan, about the possibility of time travel because she was curious about if Facebook could be real. Kellan also tells Emma that she should try and search for real love because Emma often just dates guys without caring if the relationship lasts. Meanwhile, Josh starts to become more interested in Sydney Mills because Facebook showed them having a future together. - After Emma's track meet, Josh and Emma figure out that Facebook must be real because some of the pictures on Emma's Facebook page have not been developed from her camera yet, so no one could have used these pictures. - Josh heads home and believes the information on Facebook really is their futures. He gets to marry Sydney Mills and notices Emma is still his friend. - The next day at school, Josh, who has never spoken to Sydney Mills, defends her when she was in an argument with another student. This action makes Sydney start to notice Josh. - After school, Emma heads off to the library to find phone numbers that could be her first future husband's so she can call him and make sure they never meet. Meanwhile, Josh went skateboarding with his best guy friend, Tyson, when he realizes that Emma was acting strange and may be trying to change her future. Josh realizes this could also affect his future. Plot Continued: - During the next day of school, Emma notices a change in Josh's behavior because he is starting to become more outgoing and is talking to various girls. Although Emma would not admit it, she is bothered by seeing Josh with all those girls. Also, Emma starts watching Kellan to look for signs of her being pregnant. - Josh and Emma later discuss how Josh is looking for commitment and a long term relationship versus Emma who moves from one guy to the next without much drama. - Emma later hints at the dangers of becoming a teen mom to Kellan. Kellan tells Emma that she thinks Emma and Josh could be more than just friends before it is too late and Josh moves onto Sydney. Josh on the other hand, meets up with Sydney and starts exploring his relationship with her. - Once again, Emma finds that she is unhappy in her future because of her new husband, so she starts to do small things to cause ripples in her future. Josh however, thinks Emma should let the future go as it was so his life is not messed up. Then, with no reasoning behind it, Emma kisses Josh. - Josh is furious at Emma for kissing him because he was ready to finally move past Emma and he accuses her of
constantly moving from guy to guy without caring about them. Emma gets angry and tells Josh to take it back or leave, so he chooses to leave. - As a result of Josh leaving, Emma discovers that they are no longer friends fifteen years later on Facebook. - Josh finds that he does not have much in common with Sydney and he wonders how they are ever going to get married, while Emma, who is unhappy in her future again, is trying to change her third future husband, who is still the reason for her unhappiness. - Emma's future continues to get worse every time she gets a new husband. Meanwhile, Josh and Emma are beginning to miss each other. - The next day, Sydney invites Josh to go to a bonfire with her and Josh agrees. Later that day, Josh and Emma begin to talk and try and mend their friendship. Emma decides to go to the bonfire as well, along with Kellan and Tyson. Plot Continued: - Emma discovers on Facebook that in the future, she is planning on canceling her Facebook account. - At the bonfire, Emma realizes how much she misses Josh and that she wishes she never threw away her chance with Josh when she saw him with Sydney. Josh realizes that a relationship with Sydney would never work because he really does not like Sydney and her personality. Also, Emma gives Kellan some advice so Kellan will hopefully not become a teen mom. - When Emma goes home from the bonfire, she discovers that Facebook is gone and her future self went through with canceling the account. - Emma and Josh's friends, Kellan and Tyson, are both aware of how unhappy their friends were at the bonfire. They believe Emma and Josh are meant to be together. Kellan and Tyson take matters into their own hands and decide to "kidnap" them and take Josh and Emma out to have a fun filled night.
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