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Hanan Avio

on 20 July 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Ideas 1
Ideas 2
Ideas 3
propeller display was first made by Bob Blick.
Theory of operation
Persistence of vision (POV) of human eye has been used as the basic principle in this project.
We tried to known how to make a word like DELL to appear when the motor is moving after apply the current .
Circuit schematic
Digital propeller display
What is the propeller display ?
Now by synchronising light emitting diode , and keeping in mind the concept of persistence of vision and limit of resolution we can display the word.
What we see is a blend of what we are viewing and what we viewed a fraction of a second before
For example if '1' has to be displayed ,then the series of lighting up of diode would be like.
1.Memory Atmel 28c64
2.Counter 4040
3.Timer 555
4.AND 7408
7.DIP Switchs
1.Memory Atmel 28c64
2.Counter 4040
3.Timer 555
4.AND 7408
7.DIP Switches
By research we got alot of idea , but they all focus under one main idea that
we need a selector to select the data to apear one after one .
At first , we thought to use registers to store the data.
Then, we thought store the data on one memory and use a selector to select the data one after one.
At least , we use a memory connecting with counter to control it .
8.DC motor
9. Stepper motor
8.DC motor
9.Stepper motor
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