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Pike by Ted Hughes - English Presentation

Verses- 10,11 and conclusion

Indigo Hilton

on 5 October 2012

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Transcript of Pike by Ted Hughes - English Presentation

Pike by Ted Hughes Verses 10, 11 and overall conclusion Verse 10: But silently cast and fished
With the hair frozen on my head
For what might move, for what eye might move.
The still splashes on the dark pond, 'silently cast' -Considering the last line of the previous stanza, 'The past nightfall I dared not cast' it shows that he is preparing himself for a courageous act, he is willing to risk all to catch the fish. - This is reinforced by the fact that he is described as having his hair 'frozen' on his head in the next line, a clear indication of fear and apprehension. 'eye might move' -This implies that the pike is threatening, and he is worried that the fish might see him before he sees it. -This adds to the sense of danger which the pike presents. 'dark pond' -It conveys a feeling that the creatures in the pond are dark themselves, not just the light levels around him. -It gives the pond another threatening characteristic, causing personification of the pond not just the pike itself. Verse 11: Owls hushing the floating woods
Frail on my ear against the dream
Darkness beneath night's darkness had freed,
That rose slowly toward me, watching. 'hushing the floating woods' -This reminds the reader that there is a world outside of the pond something which hasn't been drawn attention to at all before this point in the poem. 'Frail on my ear' - However, this world is being ignored, 'frail' and barely there in comparison to how vivid the pond is.
-He is concentrating solely on catching the fish and it requires all of his attention. 'rose slowly toward me, watching.' -This is the height of fear in the poem.
-This may also be the memory is coming to the forefront of his mind. Conclusion: In conclusion we have found that Ted uses 'fishing' as a self discovery technique. He pushes himself in dangerous situations to see what he can cope with. It is a very anti-romantic poem and mainly focuses on fear. He is also expressing the need for respect to mother nature because she is unpredictable and powerful, he does this by using the Pike as a metaphor for mother nature. But ultimately if you treat her with respect then we can live peacefully and she will reward you.
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