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IGCSE - 1.1

No description

brindley uytenbogaardt

on 7 February 2017

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Transcript of IGCSE - 1.1

Thank You!
How has the world's population changed in recent history
Population -
The amount of people in a given location.

Population Explosion -
An incredibly rapid increase in the population of a given area.

(Crude) Birth
The number of births
per 1,000
of population within a country

(Crude) Death
The number of deaths
per 1,000
of population within a country.

Natural Increase/ Decrease-
The state by which the difference of BR and DR result in either a gain or loss of population

Growth Rate -
The Percentage rate by which population grows/ diminishes
But Why?
How fast is the world's population growing?
IGCSE - 1.1
Population Dynamics

Describe and give reasons for the rapid increase in the worlds population.

Show an understanding of over-population and under-population.

Understand the main causes of a change in population size.

Give reasons for contrasting rates of natural population change.

Describe and evaluate population policies
In this section you will need to know how to:
Per Minute
Pg. 9
Using the COMPLETE GEOGRAPHY book, and in Two Groups:

Group 1: Look at population growth rates - 1700-1939.

Group 2: Look at population growth rates since 1939.

Then, read the text jot down notes, and explain to the other group what points you think are important!

We know the general reasons for population increase in "recent" human history. eg: Industrial revolution
Also....we know that....
When the BR is higher than the DR, the population growth rate is.....
and ....
When the BR is higher than the DR, the population growth rate is.....
Birth Rate Factors
Factors Influencing High Birth Rates
Primary based economy where children are needed to work on land
Marriage at a young age
Religious or legal practices (no abortion or discouragement of using contraception)
Pro-natalist policy
Status symbol of having a large family or the need to obtain a male heir
The need for children to care for elderly residents
Lack of education about contraception and family planning
Women maintained in traditional role of rearing children and taking care of house
Factors Influencing Low Birth Rates
Availability and affordability of contraception
Education about contraception and family planning
Reduced infant mortality (less need to have more children to make up for infant deaths)
Female emancipation (females are free to get an education and work) Cost of children
Anti-natalist policy (like China)
Delayed marriage
Better care for old dependents (less need for children to care for their parents in old age)
Mechanisation of primary sector and shift to secondary and tertiary sectors
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