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Gun Hunting vs. Bow Hunting

No description

scooby Doo

on 9 February 2014

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Transcript of Gun Hunting vs. Bow Hunting

pros of gun hunting
Pros of Bow hunting
Cons of Bow Hunting
When bow hunting you can easily lose $40 dollar arrows
Bow hunting requires much more skill and time to harvest a deer
Bow hunting is really expensive with all the special gear you need
Harder to harvest a deer than gun hunting
Must get close to prey (40-60yards) to shoot
The bow is not as precise as guns
Cons of gunhunting
Gun hunting season is shorter than bow season
Gun shooting is usually 1 chance to kill the deer
Gun hunting isn't as ''fair''to the
deer often turn nocturnal during hunting season to avoid hunters during the day
Deer are ''skitty'' during the hunting season
Guns are loud
Guns often scare away surrounding prey
Bow hunting
When bow hunting usually you literally hunt the prey.
often the hunter tracks the prey using signs in the surrounding woods. for example if your trying to track a deer it is a good idea to check surrounding trees for marks made by a racked deer and this will tell you weather there is a racked deer in the area. Bow hunting provides a great challenge for the hunter it takes a very long time to hunt down the animal and when you do hunt down down the prey you need to get in a range of 40-60 yards which can get really intense and will get your adrenaline going.
Gun Hunting vs. Bow Hunting
There are many different opinions about what is better bow hunting or gun hunting there are different variables to this interesting argument, like whether you want a greater challenge or if you strictly just want to harvest a racked deer. This argument may not have a right answer but it is interesting veiwing the different sides and opinions, but most of all you need to know the cold hard facts about the topic and yourself decide which side makes the most sense.
Bow hunting has more of a natural feeling too it.
Bow hunting is more intense than gun hunting
Bow hunting requires more interaction with prey
Bow hunting season is longer than gun season
during bow season the woods are quieter which makes the deer less paranoid and more calm
bow hunting is more of a chalenge
There are less bowhunters which give a better chance of harvesting a big buck
1 good bow shot will bring a deer down faster than a gun shot
Gun hunting has a better chance of harvesting prey
Gun hunting goes down generations and is more traditional
Gun hunting provides more long range shot opportunities
Guns shoot far range up to 300 yards
Gun hunting is more simple than bow hunting
Better accuracy
Gun hunting is more popular
Bow hunting is more relaxing and more rewarding
Gun hunting
Gun hunting is much more simple than bow hunting more times than not gun hunting is not really hunting. Often Gun hunting is just sitting in a tree and waiting for the deer or whatever prey it is too come to you. But after you shoot the deer most of the time the deer will still be alive and will run to a distance of miles and at that point you need to hunt the prey using blood that is left behind and using broken twigs too find the path taken by the prey.

Now you decide

If you had to decide between Bow hunting
and Gun hunting which would it be and why?
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