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Acid Rain And Impact on Ecosytems

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Seth Connelly

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Acid Rain And Impact on Ecosytems

Acid Rain and the Impact
on Ecosystems Research Goal To out what acid rain exactly does
to the ecosystems and what animals and different forests get harmed the most. Choosing this topic was very easy
for me because it seemed the most
interesting and I have researched
it before.
I had known that there are lots of different equations to work with and that there were plenty of facts to go with it. Acid rain is a very important topic because the acid rain is destroying many different ecosystems and ruining lives for thousands of animals. Coming into this project I
wanted to know everything
that I could be able to. Chemical Equations CO2 + H20 -----> H2CO3
Carbon dioxide reacts
with water to make
Carbonic Acid N2 + O2 -----> 2NO Nitrogen and Oxygen
(two common atmospheric
gases) react during
a lightning storm
forming Nitric Oxide A catalyst is something
that speeds up a chemical
reactions and nothing
like this is used in these
chemical reactions Overall i have found two chemical
equations that have to do with acid rain. One of the equations was carbon dioxide mixed with water and that formed Carbonic Oxide and the other I found was Nitric Oxide formed by nitrogen and oxygen Acid Rain Facts Acid rain causes acidification of lakes and streams and contributes to the trees at high elevations
Leaves needles brown and falling off
In extreme cases kills all trees in one area
People pollute so much acid rain is ruining the earths soil and make it much harder to grow natural things
Many things like limestone and farmers crops are being destroied
These two things are used everyday either for different furniture and accesorries or for food
Forest Aquatic Acid rain is mostly seen in aquatic enviornments like lakes, streems, and marshes after falling off roads, trees,and different buildings
Affects sensitive bodies of water by making lakes acidic instead of neutral
Once the bodies of water are acidic the soil and other things around it are acidic to meaning that it can't be neutralized
Acid rain effects over a thousand lakes larger than ten acres
Acid rain effects over a thousand miles of river
Because of acid rain over fifty percent of streams are acidic Aquatic Animals Acid rain...... reduces fish population
completely eliminates fish species from a water body
makes fish smaller
makes fish have less power so they are not able to compete for their habitat
Kills many aquatic plants that organism feeds off of which leads to a decline in these organisms
ruins ecosystems by destryoing animals and elimanating factors from the food chain
Forest Animals Acid Rain.... kills bacteria which other forest life needs to eat
Ruins habitats for animals by decaying and killing trees
Destroys ecosystems by killing many habitats for animals like squirrels and other animals that live in trees Acid Rain causes.... 550 premature deaths
1,520 emergency room visits
210,070 asthma symptom days Impact on me?? Acid rain impacts me because
it made me realiz that we pollute
so much that we kill ecosystems and ruin animals everday lives. I think that everyone needs to pitch in and try not to pollute as much so we don't ruin other animals lifes. Relation to the World?? Acid rain relates to the world
becasue if we don't fix what we
have started more and more forests and bodies of water will be destroyed along with the animals with it. Bibliography http://www.epa.gov/acidrain/effects/
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