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What types of candy make coke explode?

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sasha marsh

on 5 April 2011

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Transcript of What types of candy make coke explode?

What types of mentos make coke light explode? Aim To find out what
types of candy
make coke explode. Change Variable Types of candy Measured Variable What types of
make coke explode.
Fixed Variables Coke Hypothesis I think that unlike normal mentos the small extra mint mentos will explode the most because when i watched videos on youtube about how to make a rocket out of coke and mentos i saw them use a hole packet of mint mentos. So I think that the small extra mint mentos will explode more because their is more mint in it. Materials Coke

Different types of mentos:

Jam Mentos

fuit Mentos

MInt mentos Method First you open
the bottle of coke.
Then you pour a bit
of coke in a different
Next you put mentos
into the small bottle
(not your main supply.)
Then you stepback and hope you don't get splashed!

Results Mint mentos explodes the most.

Small mint mentos explodes but not
as much as the big mint mentos.

Fruit mentos does not work.

But all mentos did disolve whithin 1 day. Conclusion Thanks for watching!
Thank's for watching!

Hope you learned something! By Sasha Marsh Observaitions I found out
that you are
not ment to
shake the bottle
before you put the
mentos in. My Experiment = + I found out that
mint mentos explodes
the most and the reason
for that is because unlike the fruit mentos or the small mint mentos the big mint mentos does not have any wax on the top of it so it is easier for it to explode because the wax does not seal off the air holes so the air bubbles that are in the mentos escape and the mentos makes the coke explode. Unlike the big mint mentos the fruit and smal mint mentos has a layer of wax so their are no air holes and for that reson fruit mentos and the small mint mentos does not explode.
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