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Hmong People

No description

breanna brown

on 1 April 2014

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Transcript of Hmong People

Hmong People
-Is the U.S Responsible for their annihilation?

Who are they?
Also known as the "Meo" or "Miao" in some parts of the country
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The Hmong people of Southern China fought to benefit the U.S, the U.S broke their promise, and the Hmong suffered because of it.
Secret War
Took place in 1961-1975
Differing opinions by political parties
Fear of N. Vietnam taking over Laos. The Royal Laotian Party and Thailand sided with the United States CIA.
Battle of Zhuolu
U.S recruited the Hmong people. About 40,000 (Rosenberg,np)
Trained & provided military weapons.
Originally from Southern China
Breanna Brown, Speaker
Green Hmong
White Hmong
Vow broken
U.S promised Hmong protection & shelter
The United States and North Vietnam signed an agreement in Paris in 1973 to withdraw their military.
forces from Cambodia, Laos, and South Vietnam (Yang, 1993)
1974 U.S withdrew
Persecution of Hmong
1974 Pathet lao took over
18 point policy
Bloody campaign against Hmong for extermination.
The communists attacked the villages, burned the houses, destroyed the crops, and killed the livestock. Many communist soldiers raped the Hmong women and killed the children who surrendered because they could not run away. (Xiong, np)
"Red" and "yellow" rain
About 50,000 Hmong people were killed between 1975
and 1978 (Quincy, 1988).
230,000 Hmong people have been killed by the Pathet Lao and their communist Vietnamese advisors (Benge, 2013,np)
The journey to Thailand required from 15 days to a month of walking.

"After they left I was sent to prison and was in prison for so long that I'm happy I'm alive," Tao said. "But before I die, or if I die, I want to be able to get recognition or equal rights, just like Americans here." (Tao,np)
By statute, a “veteran” is defined as a “person who served in the active military, naval, or air service, and who was discharged or released therefrom under conditions other than dishonorable. (Weimer,1)
Phyllis Oakley, State Department's Bureau of Refugees.
U.S Responsible?
Obtained help from the Hmong
Promised them protection
They left them
Veteran benefits
Late 1970's allowed thousands of Hmong to enter U.S (Rosenberg,np)
Quincy, K. Hmong: History of a people. Cheney. Eastern Washington University Press. 1988.Print

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