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Sandra Martin

on 18 May 2016

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Transcript of Interviews

Preparation is the foundation for successful interviewing:
Develop YOUR plan:
Research the organization
Review your accomplishments and self-
Interview Considerations1.Be brief and to the point before answering.

Show you are flexible and adaptable.
Save your key material for later in the interview.
Let the interviewer first get comfortable and begin to
concentrate fully.
Strive for a natural, comfortable dialogue.
Be aware of the interviewer as a person i.e., office surroundings,
desk arrangements, mannerisms. Read the "signals."
Say positive words and phrases; use "challenge" or "opportunity" rather than a negative word like "problem."
Strive to discover all relevant details, as naturally as possible, about the position.
Make sure you have sufficiently answered the questions. Verify this
with interviewer.
Listen carefully for the interviewer to indicae problems or challenges they have encountered. Be ready to relate one of your accomplishments where you have faced and solved that situation before.
Request business cards of the people you meet with for follow-up letters.
Let the employer be the one to initiate salary and benefits discussions. This probably will not happen until the second interview. Sell yourself before talking salary.
Make sure you clarify the next steps and timing.
Be yourself and be honest
You've got to be kidding me It matterws how you sit?
Physical mannerisms that establish assertiveness and control
in the first five minutes can help you get the job
Place your hair at a 45 degree angle to the
interviewers desk ...so that you are almost sitting sideways to it.
When you sit down..cross your legs toward the interviewer to indicate STRENGTH
- Open your jacket
- Place elbow on chair arm nearest the desk and lean on
it - just a bit
Never put your hands togeher...that means you are trying to control yourself
If the intrviewer tilts backard...you back off too...you don't want to scare him or her.
Interviews often begin with -
open-ended 'ice-breaker' questions
"tell-me" all about yourself
Intervierwers hope to elicit a brief, well-organized
presentation of your education or recent work history
If this is uncomfortable for you...you might say..."Your time is valuable
and I don't want to waste it...there muss be some specifics you want to know.
Show you have done your homework. Ask questions.
Understand the interviewer's questi
Interviewing is marketing yourself

Take control of the image you want to present
Structure your responses to enhance your skills and fit for the position
Build rapport with the interviewer(s) that may lead to the job offer
Importance of Knowing How to Interview Well
Research the company – talk with current employees to learn about the culture.
Review the Job Description to identify the skills and experiences need to perform successfully in the job
Identify competencies and activities that you want to highlight
What three things do you want the interviewer to know about you?
What three things do you want to know about the job?
Planning for the Interview
Character Statement
Not an elevator speech
Reflects the central themes in your life
Reflects the values you are guided by
Becomes the form and reference point for the interview
Elevator Speech
Succinct 2-3 minute overview about yourself
Career highlights
Work Experiences
Education (if appropriate)
Current Job interests
Opening the Interview
1. Why are you the best person for this job?
2. Tell me about yourself.
3. What are you looking for in a position?
4. Where do you see yourself in five years?
5. What are your strengths?
6. What do you think are your weaknesses? ?
7. Tell me about a time when your were really proud of something you did in the workplace.
8. What would your best friend say about you?
9. What would your toughest college professor say about you??
10. What are the two or three things that are most Important to you in a job?
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