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Guggenheim Museum

No description

GG Umozurike

on 26 January 2012

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Transcript of Guggenheim Museum

Guggenheim Museum By: Godgive Umozurike Intro It can be found in Downtown Bilbao, Spain (Basque Country) along the Nervion River. The Guggenheim museum is a museum designed by Frank Owen Gehry. It's mission is to collect, conseve and study modern and contemporary art. It also hopes to promote an understanding, appreciation and, enjoyment of art. Location The Beginning...... 1991 In February, materializaing the idea of the museum was launched. In February, the 1st schematic model of the model was presented (designed by Frank Owen Gehry) Once the building was completed, (equipments were installed and staff was appointed) on October 13, a fortnight of inaugural activities began (ended on Oct. 19) with the opening of the museum to the public 1st educational programs were organized The museum website is launched Guggenheim Network Peggy Guggenheim Collection
Venice, Italy (Located on the Grand Canal) Involves a network of different centers located throughout the world, creating a coordinated group of cultural buildings Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum
New York City, New York (5th Avenue) Deutsche Guggenheim
Berlin, Germany (Unterdin Lin Den Boulevard) Guggenheim Abu Dhami
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates or UAE (Saadiyat Island) Maman Spider The Spider of Guggenheim It is a huge stainless steel and marble structure of a spider designed by Louise Bourgeois. It measures over 30 ft high and 33ft wide. It is one of the most ambitious undertakings of the artist's career. Inside the building Exhibition space is distributed over 3 levels, with a total of 20 galleries. There's a close harmony between architectural shapes and the content of each gallery. Also makes orientation easier and permits visitors to view exhibition areas from other perspectives. Art/Sculptures Frank Owen Gehry Gehry is considered as one of the most important and influential architects of our time Non-exhibition areas include the auditorium (seats 300), a restaurant, 2 cafes and a store and book shop. Bilbao Why here? The city of Bilbao is the 4th largest city of spain and is one of the country's most important ports. It is also the center of manufacturing, shipping and commerce. Appearence The museum is clearly recognisable for its twisted, curving lines and series of interconnecting volumes. The glass walls are mounted on the complex metal structures. As a whole, Gehry's design has created a spectacular and enourmously visible structure. Area 24,000 m2 11,000m2 of it is exhibition space The museum was opened as part of a revitalization effort for the city of Bilbao and the Basque Country. The Guggenheim museum is also widly credited with "putting Bilbao on the map". 1993 In October, work had began on the structure 1994 1997 1998 1999 logo (on its website) 2001 The museums equipment has had a major improvement The collection continues to grow, the storage area is remodled and is optimized to suit new needs Architect Internationally recognized for his personal, unmistakable architecture based on new forms and materials. Also, for being particulary sensitive to the surrounding culture and visual context. In May of 1989, he earned the highest honor in the field which is the Prizker Architecture Prize. It made its 1st appearence in London Tale's Gallery and later reassembled for the museum. Fun Facts Atrium The heart of the museum is the Atrium. It serves as the place of arrival, orientation and relaxation for the visitor. "Puppy"
by: Jeff Koons "The Matter of Time"
by: Richard Serra "Tulips"
by: Jeff Koons Construction Method Construction began in 1994 and the museum was finished in 1997. The building was constructed on time and budget and in the Harvard design Magazine, Gehry explained how he did it. The building is uniquely a product of the period's technology. Gehry also had a specific way in which he developed the museum's form. Cost In the end, each of the individual collections enrich and compliment one another, together creating the Guggenheim's permanent collection. The museum costed $100 million to construct it in 1997. In addition to the basic cost, $20 million was invested, and since it has been a huge succes, the endowment has increased to $118 million. The museum is one of the 12 treasures of Spain. Every few minutes at night, the fire torches would light up. Sited as it is in a port town, it resembles a ship. Once it was opened to the public, it was hailed for its deconstructivism. Thank you very much for your cooperation through this extremely long presentation. Any questions?????:)
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