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Evolution of Women's Fashion

No description

Melanie N

on 4 June 2014

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Transcript of Evolution of Women's Fashion

Evolution of Women's Fashion
1910s Fashion
floor length skirts -> skirts above the ankle
comfortable lightweight fabrics, vivid colors
slimmer silhouettes
harem trousers, hobble skirt
suffragettes sported purple, green, and white
The Roaring 20's: Flappers
Rejection of "gibson girl" look -> intro to flappers
Dresses stopped right below the knee
Short bobbed hair w/ cloche hats, fish nets, mary janes
Taped breasts to achieve a straight figure and boyish look
Introduction of the sleeveless dress & Coco Chanel's handkerchief hemline dress
=masculinity = scandalous
1930's: Return to Lady-like Appearances
Great Depression = women remade their dresses from the 20's & made them longer
accentuated curves w/ form fitting clothes
muted deep colors
sweet, tidy look in the day & glamorous evening gowns at night
1940's: Utility Fashion
WWII-> women in the workplace -> square shoulders, 3 buttons, elimination of turn-back cuffs
"Air force blue"
inspired by military
Cloth was rationed ->
"Mr. and Mrs. Sew"
propaganda encouraged recycled textiles & mixing and matching
1947 Christian Dior look
: longer skirts with lots of fabric -> outrage due to "rationing" mindset
1950's: Consumerism & Conformity
WWII -> women wanted glamour & to please husbands
narrowness of waist -> pencil skirts, girdles, full skirts
padded bras, corsets, and controllers
well groomed and tailored look
matching "mother daughter" outfits were popular
1960's: Domination of Youth Culture
Tie-dyed shirts, gypsy skirts, bell bottom jeans
Eccentric prints and head bands
Flowers & peace signs
1970's: Disco Fashion
maxi or mini skirts and dresses
halter evening gowns popular
bell bottoms and trouser suits
polyester = main fabric
1980's Fashion
economic boom ->Nancy Reagan showed off USA's affluence via clothing
Early 1900s: The Gibson Girl
romantic style -> Coco Chanel & Paul Poiret
full figured silhouette -> tight long skirts
decrease in corsets b/c it disfigured the body
large hats
1990s Fashion
influenced by hip hop ->
urban style
-> baseball caps, bomber jackets, oversized tshirts
Grunge style:
thrifted flannel shirts
Preppy style:
knee high socks, matching plaid blazers and skirts, collared shirts
name brand designers:
Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Yves Saint Laurent, Armani, etc.
Jackie Kennedy:
cosmopolitan attire
pillbox hats, big-buttoned, boxy suits
Audrey Hepburn:
skinny jeans, flat shoes, plain black shift dresses
= the rebellious youth culture
right to display body
Jacqueline Kennedy
Audrey Hepburn
Cloche hats and Coco Chanel
Sophisticated backless gowns
Women in the workplace
Air Force Blue
"The New Look"
hot pants, spandex tops, animal print
shiny fabrics reflected disco ball lights
platform shoes = "space age fantasy"
danced to release pent up energy -> fitness craze
Trousers and hot pants
Disco Fashion
Power dressing
tailored wool suits in neutral navy blue/grey -> authority and professionalism to working women
Aerobics craze
leggings with oversized sweaters/tshirts, slouch socks w/ sneakers, leotards
Teen fashion
Bright, neon colored accessories, teased hair, loud makeup, hoop earrings, bangles
strongly influenced by Madonna
Power dressing
Aerobics fashion
Madonna inspired look
Gibson Girl =
tall, slender body with s-line curves
Gibson Girls
hobble skirts
Pencil skirt vs. Full skirt
Matching family outfits
Preppy Style
2000s-present day fashion
fusion of all decades
mix of boho, vintage clothing, hipster, hip hop, gangster, and asian & european fashion
less conservative view towards women body exposure -> bikinis, short shorts, crop tops, etc.
popular stores for women:
Forever 21, H&M, Urban Outfitters, Banana Republic, GAP, Nordstrom, etc.
current trends:
circle skirts, crop tops, military boots, floral prints, etc.
Current Trends
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